How This Luxury Real Estate Agent Is Raising The Industry Standard During A Global Pandemic

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has altered the world. It’s changed the vast majority of businesses, industries, and how they operate.

When COVID-19 hit the United States, the real estate industry was virtually on pause for most people due to the fear and uncertainty of what is to come. Real estate-related activity all across the United States slowed down dramatically, and many agents put their business on hold, which is totally understandable. However, South Florida real estate agent Vittorio Faricelli did things differently than most.  

Vittorio Faricelli, an industry veteran and award-winning real estate agent, could simply not accept the idea of shutting down or slowing down efforts to get the jobs done he was hired for by his clients. Vittorio looked for every opportunity possible to keep business flowing for his client and could not let them down. Vittorio said, “Our clients rely on us. They hire my team for many reasons, with one being that we promise them no matter what happens, we will always operate at the maximum potential for them. We really do appreciate all of our clients, and it’s only right to find ways to show listings to buyers and keep the steady flow of inquiries for my seller clients”.

“When COVID-19 began to impact our lives, my team and I sat down and evaluated the situation and found out every possible thing that we could still do that was in accordance with local and state legislations. We knew that there were some still risks involved, which is why we took extreme precautions while still being able to work.” 

Vittorio and his team performed numerous virtual showings for clients where they were able to utilize apps like FaceTime and WhatsApp to be live with their clients on video while giving a guided tour of the entire home, room by room. Some listings that were shown by Vittorio Faricelli and his team during this time were a $6,995,000 luxury new construction home in Boca Raton on a golf course, as well as a $3,500,000 home in a fly-in community in Wellington where you can fly your private plane directly onto the runway and into your hangar.  

“Our team also redirected marketing funds that are normally allocated for different aspects of marketing, and we focused the funds heavily onto specifically targeted online marketing because that’s where we could reach the most people at this present time, with everyone being home for the most part due to COVID-19.” 

Vittorio thought it was best to break the barriers of traditional real estate marketing and adapt to the changing times to accomplish the client’s goals. Vittorio said, “When the market and dynamics shift, WE shift our strategy. Or else we stay behind like everyone else. I’d rather pave the way than follow it.” 

Vittorio knows that in this industry, trust and reputation are everything.  

If you would like to work with Vittorio Faricelli and his team, you can reach out by visiting his website here. You can also check his Instagram and Facebook.