How This Black Businesswoman Created a Successful Bridal Brand

June Rachele Eaton was just another bride-to-be searching for the perfect dress. She fell in love with dress after dress but found out that each one was over five thousand dollars—way beyond her budget at the time. She realized this was a common problem among many brides-to-be. She thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find the dress you love and have it for a fraction of the cost?” And it gave her an idea.

With her passion for designing custom gowns and the desire to bridge the gap between brides-to-be and their too-expensive dream wedding gowns, Eaton established My Dream Bridal Dress Salon.

“Designing custom gowns is my passion. I’ve always loved to dress up. I’ve always loved to shop, and I’ve always thought I was good at putting pieces together that really stand out, so we offer customization of gowns based on the personality of the bride. I get to know the bride and understand what type of personality they have, and we design a gown from there,” Eaton said.

At the salon, brides can come in and pick out a dress in the most relaxing atmosphere. My Dream Dress Bridal Salon offers over four thousand brand-new bridal gowns for purchase. They also offer bespoke stylings for the more particular customer, all depending on the bride’s budget (you can check out some of the gowns here).

Her salon helps brides choose the perfect dress, taking into consideration the dresses of the mother of the bride and the mother-in-law and the entourage. They then make the necessary alterations to the gown to make sure it is a perfect fit for the bride. They take into account the bride’s body shape, skin tone, and personal preferences to make sure they can make the gown one that flatters her the most.

Eaton has helped many women choose the right dress for them. She recognizes how important it is for the bride’s experience to be as fuss-free and relaxing as possible, which is why she offers a bridal interview on their website to be filled out before customers go into the salon. “We ask specific questions so that we have their rooms ready when they come in with the gowns that they think they want to purchase, and then we ask them to take their shoes off, relax, have a glass of wine or champagne and have no boundaries. Let us do what we’re here to do. And that’s to help them have the greatest bridal experience of choosing a gown that they can have.” Aside from this, Eaton also has personal stylists assist each woman that comes into her shop to make the dress-picking process as smooth as possible. This strong commitment to providing a wonderful customer experience for each client has helped her business flourish quickly.

My Dream Dress Bridal Salon was recently featured on a local news channel. You can view her interview here and take a sneak peek at the lavish bridal salon that Eaton maintains. To contact the salon, you may call at (248) 327-6049.