How Squeaky’s Cleaning Is Revolutionizing the Home Cleaning Industry

This Michigan company’s powerful secret combo is leaving other cleaning companies in Oakland County to eat their dust. Squeaky’s Home Cleaning combines the healthiest in cleaning technology with the best staff of cleaning experts to give local families a healthier home.

It is unusual for a cleaning company to be known for giving good wages, and in that area, Squeaky’s already breaks the mold. Their staff’s starting pay is higher than 95 percent of comparable cleaning positions. This is the company’s strategy in retaining the best in the industry. Most cleaning companies suffer from high turnover and low-quality staff. In paying their staff well, Squeaky’s is able to ensure that its employees have a good quality of life and are able to have lifelong careers. All of the company’s cleaning technicians start at $15 an hour. To foster a sense of family, Squeaky’s frequently has free lunches for the team. 

The company’s small team is made up of personable, hardworking, and responsible people whom residents will feel they can trust in their homes. The company uses 300+ degree sanitizing dry steam to boost its cleaning power. This can be used to make things like ovens or BBQ grills look brand new and spotless.

Squeaky’s selects only the best mix of high-quality cleaning products for use in the home. These products are not only effective but safe, and they are all sourced from the veteran of commercial cleaning products, Multi-Clean. Their standard cleaning products allow them to get a much deeper clean with mostly green cleaning products and a few traditional cleaning products no stronger than traditional store-bought household solutions. Alternatively, clients can request a “green cleaning,” which includes only products that are EPA Safer Choice or Green Seal certified. These products are not only held to environmental standards but also human and pet health standards.

The company offers a standard home cleaning and a deep whole-home cleaning. Standard cleanings can be scheduled weekly, every other week, monthly, or one time. Squeaky’s has its own suite of natural biodegradable green cleaning products to clean 95 percent of one’s home. However, because green products are not true disinfectants, they use standard household Pine-Sol to disinfect toilets and floors.

Squeaky’s is staying ahead of COVID-19 by utilizing cutting-edge victory electrostatic sprayers. These work by statically charging the atomized spray so that it evenly coats each surface and gets in every nook and cranny. This, combined with Century Q, an EPA-recommended disinfecting agent against COVID-19, and their responsive staff in full PPE makes any space safer for patrons.

Squeaky’s technicians follow ISSA guidelines for the disinfection of COVID-19. They enter a client’s home only in fully donned PPE to mitigate any possible contamination from their staff. This includes goggles, masks, coveralls, gloves, and shoe covers. The technicians spray and then leave the cleaner to air dry, which kills the virus and allows time for disinfection. Other companies that are untrained and simply spray and wipe the disinfectant are leaving the virus alive on the surface for many days.

The company’s commitment to excellence is the reason why it was voted Michigan’s best cleaning company. Respect for employees and the usage of quality tools and products have earned the company its spotless reputation.

Learn more about the way Squeaky’s is leading the future of cleaning on their website, and visit the company’s Facebook page.