How Nicole Caroline’s Passion for Skin Care Made Her the Best Esthetician in Connecticut

Nicole Caroline
Nicole Caroline

Skincare has always been regarded as part of the typical daily routine, mostly for women, to make them look and feel good. However, they often overlook the benefits. Nicole Caroline is one of the many individuals who try to bring awareness to the importance of skincare, and she has been doing so for over two decades. 

Nicole is proud to have been born and raised in the Bronx, New York, and she has always held it in high regard in her Italian-American family. At the age of six, her grandmother taught her how to apply her Olay products in the correct order after cleansing twice, with Ponds cold cream. Until now, Nicole remembers her grandmother’s meticulously manicured hands as she taught her.

Many years later, Nicole would go on to be trained by experts in her field at one of New York’s most prestigious international aesthetics programs. They taught her that caring for the skin is an all-encompassing art that should be treated with integrity and respect, something that Nicole feels is lacking in esthetics education nowadays.

She had spent nearly ten years on the West Coast in Los Angeles, California, focusing some of her time on her love and passion for acting. This allowed her to refine her approach to skincare as she learned the importance of ingredient knowledge and the balance between internal and external results. She began to understand that the skin’s behavior on the outside reflected what was happening inside the body, and acting in front of a camera had proven her right about this.

Nicole was able to gain a skillset for dealing with aesthetics, from the last-minute schedules and ever-changing nature of the movie and television industry’s demand for immediate results. She would later return East and open her Esthetic studio called Elite Esthetics. 

Since its opening in 2018 in Greenwich, Connecticut, Nicole has won the title of “Best Facialist in Greenwich,” given by Moffy Media for two years in a row. She was able to grow her business single-handedly. At some point, she had an extensive waitlist due to her unrivaled results and hundreds of positive client reviews, forcing her to close her book and add a new client waitlist after her first year in business. 

Nicole has her client’s trust, and they respect her expertise. She is beloved for her passion for her client’s skin more than the revenue that she gains. What makes Nicole stand out compared to other estheticians is, compared to others, Nicole does not just promote products and teach people how to apply them in order; she also helps others.

She educates her clients with the products they can use to help maintain acne prevention and treat wrinkles but also serve as a barrier and primary defense against the environment. She also provides them with honest advice that is often missing from the industry. Nicole refuses to compromise her integrity and products for money.

Nicole believes in treating the skin on an individual basis, not in the blanketed way we once thought. Everyone’s skin is unique, and there, the way it is handled should be as well.

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