How Kristina Hess Transforms People’s Bodies and Lives

After working for two years as the nutrition director of a vegan food company, licensed dietitian Kristina Hess found herself 15 pounds heavier. Then she had the horrifying realization that she was on the verge of pre-diabetes. As it turned out, what she thought was a healthy diet was actually extremely high in carbohydrates. She decided to adopt a ketogenic diet and managed to transform her health dramatically. Now, Kristina is known as the Keto Nutritionist and the go-to person for Fairfield County’s toughest weight loss cases.

Kristina Hess, MS, CNS, LDN, is a premier keto health coach and licensed dietitian and nutritionist who works with clients to support them in making lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results. Kristina Hess uses an integrative and functional approach with her clients, which is deeply based in science. She views everything that happens within people as a connected network or web of relationships instead of isolated elements. This functional approach helps her work like a detective to get to the root of the inflammation and find solutions for all her clients, regardless of their background.

Kristina herself decided to adopt the keto lifestyle after listening to Professor Thomas Seyfried, Ph.D., speak about the benefits of a ketogenic diet for treating cancer. Kristina was starting clinical hours inside of oncology practice in Manhattan, and the ketogenic approach intrigued her.

Two years into her own transformation, Kristina Hess has become the go-to person in Fairfield County, Connecticut, for the most stubborn weight loss cases. Her clean keto approach is so logical and nutritionally sound that one could simply call it “Eat Like a Hollywood Celebrity and Watch the Weight Fall Off.” The approach is based on reducing inflammation in the body. And when possible, Kristina runs nutrigenomics testing to identify exactly which type of low-carb plan would be best for each client.

Kristina Hess is the mastermind behind the Keto Symposium, which is set to be the first-ever keto conference in the New York tri-state area. Famed cookbook author Maria Emmerich is headlining Keto Symposium, which also features some heavy hitters in the ketoverse such as cancer researcher Dom D’Agostino, author of Ketotarian, Dr. Will Cole, YouTuber Ben Azadi, podcaster Mike Mutzel, as well as Chris Irvin, author of Keto Answers. The event will kick off next year on September 25, 2021.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Kristina Hess is hoping that keto lovers and keto-curious folks will be ready to attend a live event, especially one that is focused on metabolic health, since lifestyle events are one of the most powerful ways for people to learn more, network with like-minded folks, and keep themselves committed to a healthier lifestyle.

Kristina Hess has clients in both private and group coaching. The Keto Lovers Inner Circle is an online accountability and support group that offers accompanying online courses in addition to one-on-one support to help individuals achieve their healthiest life. Keto Lovers Inner Circle members have direct access to Kristina to help them kickstart their transition to a ketogenic lifestyle and encourage them to stick with it when they want to quit. Inner Circle members are provided with unique keto advice based on their specific body, and weekly recipes so they don’t get bored (which is one of the main reasons people give up on any dietary change).

Kristina Hess also offers an exclusive one-on-one accountability program called Type II Diabetes Reversal, where she takes her clients on a week-long retreat to Florida in addition to extensive private coaching.

As the Keto Nutritionist, Kristina Hess is the verified voice of truth when it comes to keto-related advice. She examines every client’s biochemical blueprint to help her determine which type of low-carb approach will work best for each individual. No one else in the keto space dedicates the same amount of commitment to making sure that people follow their own type of low carb to make their health goals come true.

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