How ‘Kids Short Stories’ Helps Parents During the Pandemic

Technology has made a lot of changes in the past decade. One cannot deny how our lifestyles have revolved and imprinted technology in almost everything that people do, from cleaning the house to entertaining ourselves. People would often hear the younger generation say “Netflix and chill” instead of “watching a movie.” But one of the most game-changing transformations that we have with technology is podcasting.

In podcasting, one can stream it whenever they want to because it is made readily available on the internet. Even though radio is still considered one of the primary devices that people turn on when they want to hear music, the choices are limited. Because radio broadcasting is done live, people cannot control the radio – they cannot press play or pause it for a little while. However, With low barriers and easy distribution, one can even start a podcast of their own.

Jim Jacob found this immense potential in the media platform of podcasting, so he took the leap and started his own podcast company called “Kids Short Stories.”

With the volume of people entering the podcast industry, the challenge now is how to set oneself apart. When Jim shared stories with his kids every night, his wife would record him so that she could play them while they were in the car. The kids enjoyed it, that was the time when Jim conceived the concept for his company.

Kids Short Stories is a podcast dedicated to telling short stories to kids on various streaming platforms such as Apple and Spotify. The company is geared towards entertaining children and developing their listening skills and imagination.

Having to record four stories every week, ideas for stories can be a bit challenging. That is why Kids Short Stories encourages children to submit their own stories to the company. The company then transforms the submitted stories into seven to ten-minute adventures, with the child as a character to his or her story. 

The idea of listener participation not only benefits the company in conceptualizing more content but also encourages children to fuel their creativity and imagination, especially when children from the age of three to six are the company’s most avid listeners. Statistics gathered by the company would even show how these kids within this age range listen to each of their stories 20 times, on average. 

With the pandemic still on the move in most parts of the world and resultantly forcing people to stay home, parents are rummaging for ways to educate and entertain their children while they work. It has been quite challenging for them, especially when kids have a particularly short attention span. The company recognized this need and continued to produce quality content and maintain the number of stories per week. After all, this is what Jim and the company believed that sets them apart from the numerous podcast companies around the world.

Being one of the companies that responded to the parents’ plea for help, the Kids Short Stories continues to provide children the opportunity to imagine and be creative with lesser screen time, especially during these trying times.

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