How Kiavon Buie is Telling His Story to the World Through Music

It was the legendary storyteller Hans Christian Andersen who once said that, “When words fail, music speaks.” Some of the world’s most famous musicians, both old and new like The Beatles or Coldplay, are also narrators who tell powerful stories through the songs they write and perform. For Kiavon Buie, music has helped him tell stories from his life and his many different heartbreaks; and he is now here to share these stories with the world.

Buie is an up-and-coming singer and songwriter from Charleston, South Carolina. With a mind full of talent and a heart full of song, Kiavon Buie aims to take the world by storm and tell his stories with his music. He believes that music has helped many people find an outlet to tell narratives from their own life. It has become an effective avenue for people who want to express themselves.

Through his songs like “12 AM Thoughts,” “Thank You,” and “Amazing,” Buie narrates to the world his very own life story and all the things that he has gone through in his love life. A gifted songwriter, he truly is able to tell his story through tracks that are full of heart, well-written, and well-composed. Fans have described Buie’s songs as “fire” and “hard-hitting,” with some complementing how his “flow and lyrics matched [his] beat so perfectly.”

Buie has always had a knack for writing songs, all of which are inspired by real-life stories from his romantic pursuits. He believes that while not everything in his love life has been all sunshine and roses, he always tries to make the best of every bad situation and turn it into a beautiful record. As he says, “it makes [him] happy to see how you can turn a tragic heartbreak into a beautiful song.”

Even as a young boy, Buie always knew that he was going to grow up to become a singer. He grew up with a single mom and three brothers, all of whom are also musicians. As he recalls from his childhood, his mom always sang around the house, and he would always find himself joining along, even if he did not always sound well all the time. 

Music was something that Buie was interested in as a kid, and as he grew up, it became an outlet for him to get his thoughts and ideas out. He opened himself to many genres, which helped him fall in love with all kinds of music. Eventually, he was able to find his sound, and he knew that with his voice, he could help change the world through songs.

At the end of the day, Buie believes that he should not limit his music to a specific audience, and anyone can listen to him sing about his life and his heartbreaks. Knowing that love and heartbreak is something many people can relate to, and he hopes that his music will be able to speak to millions of people all around the world. 

To know more about Buie, you can check out his music down on his YouTube channel.