How Jason Rorie Set His Passion Into Motion With Drive and Ambition

A vision without a mission is as good as a plan without action. In other words, having passion is only half the battle. The ultimate triumph is achieved with perseverance and grit. And it is by fueling his goals with fiery persistence that small-town boy, Jason Rorie, achieved the summits of success. 

Growing up in the drab and sullen state of Mississippi, Jason Rorie stirred within him the appetite for an action-packed life. So as soon as he graduated from high school, he decided to fill his hunger for adventure to satiety by serving his country and enlisting in the United States Navy. 

And being out on the battlefield, he earned himself technical and security skills he never knew he had in him. Day and night, he worked with military cryptography and encrypted messages and communication circuits. He also served two deployments to the Persian Gulf with a Mine Countermeasures (MCM) rotational crew, which uses technologies to find and clear mines from vital waterways. Soon enough, his potential in mechanical know-how ripened into full aptitude. 

But more than gaining skills and knowledge, the military life built Jason’s character in terms of leadership, work ethic, and conduct. And with all the time he arduously spent in the Navy, he came out as a different and a better man.

Gliding on the calmer and smoother seas of civilian life, Jason vested himself with brand new goals that kept him afloat on his journey. And trusting the waves of his passion, he moved on with his education. His hard work and commitment came to fruition when he earned a degree in Computer Network Engineering, a Bachelor’s Degree in Management of Technology, and a Master’s in Information as well as in Cyber Security.

With all his academic certifications and recognition, Jason proved that he has more under his sleeves. And using his technical expertise, he brought out his creativity by writing two published books – “Small Business – A Hacker’s Playground” and “Small Town Boy – City Business: A Veteran’s Story of Goals, Grit, and Perseverance While Chasing His Passion.” In his esteemed written works, he poured out his experiences of being a Navy who pursued his calling in the field of information technology. 

Although Jason has already accomplished so much, he still felt the nagging need to expand his field of vision just a little bit more. This growth mindset then catapulted him into the world of business on which he built his multimillion-dollar IT services company – Elevated Technologies. And in 2015, this flagship empire was featured in Houston’s Business Journal’s Fast Tech 25 list as well as in the Fast 100, which is the list of the fastest-growing companies in Houston in any industry.

But showing to be unstoppable at his game, Jason founded two other companies – Triad InfoSec and Cyber Security Insurance Group. With these two entities, Jason directed his stream of focus on the protection of small businesses from cyber threats. He also takes pride in his innovation, MSP Overwatch™, which allowed him to extend his expertise to other IT services companies and help them achieve monetary stability.

Jason may be known for his great works and outstanding performance in the entrepreneurial landscape. However, it is for his strength and resilience that he ultimately owes his success to. He wants to show the world that when it comes to destiny, the time is always right. One can never go wrong with the lethal combination of passion and grit. 

To know more about Jason Rorie, you may visit his website, LinkedIn, and Instagram page.