How Gwen Medved Alleviates the Struggles of Women

Circumstances still exist where women are experiencing being discriminated against by their peers. For instance, some construction companies would often choose to hire their male counterparts because of the nature of the work and the traditional belief that men are more cut out for the job.

And it is not only in the construction industry. It is known that, unfortunately, it is a reality that some still find it hard to accept – members of other genders can trailblaze in the business world.

Many women have fought the system and tried to conquer it. Some even made it their life’s goal to open opportunities for other women to destroy the long-held outdated tradition. That is why, in recent years, several women have earned seats in one of the highest positions in a company. For instance, in the list of CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, one can automatically notice the diversity in the said record. With the number of women equalizing to the number of men, as what they say, it was one hell of a leap.

Gwen Medved is a woman who aspires to pave the way in continuously opening equal opportunities for women in the industry by being an example herself.

Albeit being relatable, Gwen has gained a lot of achievements over the years. Gwen spends her time balancing life as a mother, successful entrepreneur, product investor, author, speaker, trainer, and coach at the same time. However, with all the triumphs that she has achieved, Gwen never equated them to luck. She says that everything she has right now is the result of hard work, resilience, and learning the power of gratitude and forgiveness to create success in life. That is why her primary focus in her career is to help transform the lives of people after experiencing trauma.

As an author of ‘Pillars of Success’ and ‘Life Lessons of Success,’ she believes that the transformation from anxiety, depression, numbness, and dissociation is best executed if love and real connection are present in the individual. Because of the overwhelming technological advancements and dehumanizing social media influences, people have been way too preoccupied, which led to a disconnection from the real world. 

As a graduate from Purdue University and a postgraduate in Counseling and Human Services from DePaul University, Gwen has dedicated her career in helping to shape the lives of people for the better. She is also a certified Canfield Transformational Trainer, a Values-based Leadership Coach, Health Coach, and an advocate for the success, health, and safety of women, children, and families.

Because of her advocacy, Gwen’s goal in life is to share her struggles and experiences with women, children, and families, and prepare them for challenges that lie ahead. In other words, Gwen believes that transforming the lives of these people can be done by teaching them how to succeed and thrive through adversity.

Aligned with her goal of changing lives for the better and bringing awareness to others, Gwen joined the Emmy Award-winning DNA Films crew in San Diego to help create a film to try to tell real stories about San Diego’s internet crimes against children. She believes strongly that the “opposite of shame is sharing”, and that by showing the stories of some, many more will be helped in knowing that they are not alone in their victimization.  Gwen believes that through this film, and her participation, she can also aid the affected children by providing them with the appropriate assistance that they need.

To find more information about Gwen Medved and how she opens opportunities and creates safe spaces for women, children, and families, visit her website and follow her Facebook page for more updates.