How CopiedCode Went From a Small Startup Business to One of the Country’s Best

For many recent graduate students in the field of web development, the search for a decent job after studies can be challenging. The opportunities can be very scarce, and the positions that they manage to get can be very demanding while only giving them a minimum wage. However, in 2018 Dylan Metheny and Nicholas Coluccino, students from the University of Arkansas, came together to form a startup meant to serve businesses in their area and hire students called CopiedCode.

Today, CopiedCode is among the fastest-growing software and web development firms. Dylan and Nicholas started the company with savings from their previous minimum wage jobs and earnings from the stock market. 

Their goal as a company is to provide large enterprise companies with unique, custom software solutions that suit their needs. CopiedCode consists of a team with a diverse skill set so they can fulfill the requirements for any task. They have also worked with three large non-profits, using their experience to meet their needs. 

CopiedCode takes pride in building out beautiful, lead-generating, optimized websites that are responsive on PC, mobile phones, or tablets. They also design online platforms that have an excellent correlation with the generation of leads and increased revenue and internal platforms that can assure cohesive digital work environments without clutter. With their experience and expertise, they are confident that they can work with any company to provide a fantastic return on investment from their new software or web platform.

What makes the company stand out is that it consists of experts in blockchain software, currently one of the very few blockchain developers. They are currently in collaboration with the Heifer International non-profit, which is designed to enhance the cryptocurrency donation process and allow donors to see how their money is spent.

Other firms create platforms that are unoptimized and slow or use conversions of existing code and themes that can be found online. In contrast, CopiedCode designs everything uniquely with its clients to suit their individual needs. They make it a point to design platforms to be visually beautiful, create efficient backend processes, and make sure that everything is working efficiently. In contrast, it would take several different firms to get the same experience.

One of their advantages, compared to other firms, is that as a small startup, they have a headstart on the cutting edge of new technology. CopiedCode has the advantage of experimenting with new design frameworks and tools so they can always offer the absolute best solution. With these, they can incorporate buzzword technologies into their customer’s platforms, including blockchain, cloud, and artificial intelligence solutions.

Apart from websites and blockchain software, they also sport other software specialties like the POS systems and custom team-management solutions. With the current pandemic, CopiedCode has developed custom all-in-one software solutions to allow enterprises and small businesses to work seamlessly from home. They have also provided free web audits like SEO and optimization work to small businesses in the area to develop several low-cost websites for struggling businesses. 

To know more, visit their website or any of their following social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter.