How Consultants In-A-Box Is Helping Entrepreneurs Take Their Businesses to the Next Level

This year, Consultants In-A-Box is disrupting the industry, and it is one to remember.

Hundreds of consultants all over the country are only doing half of what they promise. Instead of helping entrepreneurs improve their businesses, it turns out they are losing money without any results. And, it is for this premise that founder, Jordan VanMaanen, created Consultants In-A-Box. They take pride in creating solutions that will save money and time while creating a better experience for their clients.

At Consultants In-A-Box, they offer creativity and knowledge that will help the business set itself apart from the rest. They want to help improve the efficiency of every business to gain more profit. Unlike the rest, they want to provide results for businesses they’re working with. What’s even more remarkable is how they are able to offer most services that entrepreneurs are looking for all in one roof. These services include web development, human resources, business operations, and more. The team is even open to collaborating on something they don’t currently offer. As most of them are trained to find solutions that can scale properly with the business.

Throughout the years, Consultants In-A-Box onboard promising and well-vetted partners and solutions to address whatever the client needs. They have worked with many satisfied clients who have experienced firsthand what value they truly bring. Jordan VanMaanen and his team guarantee nothing but top-quality solutions to run the business effectively and easily.

“Jordan and his team at Consultants In-A-Box got us set up with the perfect software for our field service team and customer relationship management,” says Cole Junck of FixQuick. They went above and beyond to put us and our needs first. Jordan spent a generous amount of time with me to find the perfect software, and I can not be more thankful,” he adds.

Consultants In-A-Box exists to work side by side with entrepreneurs and business owners to help them focus on the bigger picture. They know too well that going into business means pursuing something that you are passionate about, and the software is the least you could think of. So they come in the picture to allow entrepreneurs and business owners to do what they set out to do instead of being side-tracked with struggles on selecting software and technologies for their businesses.

They help entrepreneurs and business owners on web development, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), web hosting, e-commerce, blog writing, and the pay-per-click advertising model. The company also assists them with their Human Resource needs, such as payroll, employee benefits, and time clock management, to name a few.

When it comes to business operations, Consultants In-A-Box has large, medium, and small-scale enterprises covered as well. They help set up video conferences and webinars and offer assistance in payment processing, customer relationship management, field service management, and many more. Besides that, the company also helps entrepreneurs set up phone systems, broadband internet, Wi-Fi portals, and fleet tracking for their businesses.

Indeed, Consultants In-A-Box is disrupting the industry by providing entrepreneurs and business owners a centralized place to get the services they need to scale their business.

To know more about Consultants In-A-Box, visit their website.