How Bailey’s CBD Oil Makes Every Pet’s Life Healthier and Happier

Pets have seamlessly found a particular spot in everyone’s heart. As they are often the best companions in life, a source of comfort and support, likewise, ensuring their wellness, must also be a priority. As pet owners and lovers seek safe and healthier options for their pets, Bailey’s has been ensuring every pet’s life a priority by addressing their needs.

In 2017, Bailey’s started as a dedication to Jay O’Keekfe’s 9-year-old pug named Bailey, a pet shop dog who suffered from a lot of health conditions. The road to wellness for Bailey had always been Jay’s priority, which eventually paved the way for Bailey’s team to introduce the wonders of hemp-derived CBD oil in the lives of pets as it is also proven to provide comfort and relief.

A pet-specific CBD company, Bailey’s maintains the highest standards of integrity and transparency by partnering with businesses that are aligned with them in terms of values and intentions. As such, they have single-sourced their full spectrum hemp extract from Moon Mother Hemp Company in Boulder, Colorado. As it is sourced directly from a USDA certified organic farm, Bailey’s hemp extract is hand-harvested, ensuring the artisanal, boutique quality. Furthermore, Bailey’s produces its CBD oil at their 1500 square feet bottling facility in Costa Mesa, California.

As Bailey’s is 100% pet-focused, they have partnered with a veterinarian, Dr. Robert J. Silver, DVM, who has been studying the effects of cannabinoids on pets for over 30 years. He discovered that full-spectrum CBD oil could help provide therapeutic value to pets. As such, Bailey’s CBD oil and CBD soft chews have continuously helped pet owners in relieving their pets’ fireworks anxiety, specifically every 4th of July.

Moreover, Dr. Silver provides guidance on the recommended use of CBD and for pet owners to find the sweet spot of how much CBD will work for their pets. Likewise, Bailey’s products have been under proper assurance and strict scrutiny of Dr. Silver.

Bailey’s prides itself in producing safe, mild, and non-intoxicating CBD oil for pets. They set a third-party lab test to ensure high quality and safe products. Every batch of CBD oil production has its respective QR codes, which correspond to their lab results. The company’s commitment to quality over quantity is an assurance of upholding integrity and transparency. Also, their team always stands out as they deliver superior customer service with their pet experts dedicated to helping pet owners with their needs.

Bailey’s treats every pet’s life as a priority. The company also goes beyond the business and does its part in helping as many pets as possible with their Rescue of the Month Initiative. In this program, the company partners with a different pet rescue every month. As part of their mission of raising awareness on the issues faced by pet rescue organizations, Bailey’s has initiated to donate 150mg CBD oil for dogs in every four items sold on their website.

Bailey’s has truly created more wonders in every pet’s life. As they thrive to provide high quality and safe CBD oil solutions, their priority is to make every pet healthy and happy.