How a Small-Town Boy With Big Dreams Founded Poulin Health & Wellness

Humans are inherently afraid of failure. And more often than not, people give up on their dreams not because they lack the abilities to achieve them but because they do not want to fail.

Unlike most people, Nicholas Poulin, who is the owner of Poulin Health & Wellness, never saw failure in a negative light. Instead, he uses it as a tool for growth that forces him to move forward. Undaunted by the possibility of messing up or making a mistake, Nicholas always took it upon himself to dream big. 

Being raised on a farm, Nicholas started engaging in physical activities at a very young age. And when he was nineteen years old, he decided to move to New York City and pursue his career in the fitness industry. 

After working himself to the bone for several years,  Nicholas was able to pay his dues. But more than that, he earned himself the opportunity to work with several moguls in The Big Apple, such as Martha Macmillan, James Robinson III, Roy Zuckerberg,  and George Soros, to name a few. 

Translating his passion for fitness into a business, Nicholas created Poulin Health & Wellness, which is a members-only club that guarantees unparalleled results. And because of its cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions, the club has quickly become a frontrunner in the industry. With an approach that goes beyond lifting weights, it focuses on the hospitality aspect of fitness that ultimately gives each member undivided attention. 

Proving himself worthy of a sterling reputation, Nicholas gained recognition for developing a revolutionary and customizable personal training program that uses machine exercises, calisthenic exercises, and free weights to help his clients reach their goals. This workout program was also designed to achieve maximum gains while minimizing injuries. 

When he is not acting as a motivational coach, Nicholas makes sure to help out in his community by volunteering and raising money for cancer. On top of that, he assists his family by working on behalf of his younger sister, aunt, and grandmother. 

Continuing to be the dreamer everyone knows him to be, Nicholas aspires to be an inspiration for the next farm boy from a small town who wants to make it big in the big city.

Having overcome a lot of difficulties in his life, Nicholas proves that anything is possible as long as one puts in the necessary time and effort. And by learning to harness the power of failure instead of letting it destroy him, he was able to achieve the dreams that others saw as impossible or too unrealistic. 

The moment failure stares at him in the face, Nicholas presents himself with two options – give up and go back to where he started or create a new path forward. And by opting for the latter, he finds that success tends to favor him more. 

The thing is, failing at one endeavor forces one to reevaluate. And for Nicholas, the opportunity to come back stronger than ever only comes when one chooses to get up after a fall. 

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