Here’s How Hairstylist Martino Cartier Uses Hair To Help As Many People As He Can

If you think that hair can’t change a life or make it better, think again. And if you believe that all hairstylists do is design and arrange hairstyles for those who can pay, then you’re in for a sweet surprise.

Martino Cartier is one of the few hairstylists putting his talent and privilege to good use: by extending a helping hand in every way he can.

Martino is a salon owner, stylist, educator, inspirational speaker, and TV personality. He is the successful salon owner of Martino Cartier Salon, a top-rated salon in New Jersey with 50 stations. Martino Cartier Salon is an award-winning salon that reached the height of popularity after being featured on Bravo TV, where they gathered millions of fans. Since this exposure, Martino and his salon have been named the Top Salon in America by W Magazine, and have been featured in Modern Salon Magazine, Vogue, Launchpad, Behind the Chair, Salon Today, and the Golden Globes. Martino was even named Entertainer of the Year at HSN.

Martino’s fascination with hair styling emerged when he was just five years old. While a group of neighborhood children was watching cartoons together, he was watching one of the girls braid her sister’s hair. Since that day, it has been his passion to make the world beautiful one head at a time.

Martino grew up in a trailer park, and being adopted by a loving family at the age of 6 months humbles him, he never forgot his humble beginnings and roots. That’s part of why he is so passionate about giving back to the community and to those in need. In fact, as a direct result of his empathy, Martino was named Man of the Year in California for his contributions to protect women against domestic violence.

But that’s not where Martin’s charity stops. Martino founded Wigs & Wishes in 2011. His vision is to join forces with salons across the world to create a safe haven for women to go to regardless of their financial situation. Now they have one goal: to provide each courageous woman battling cancer with a wig at no cost, as well as granting wishes to children battling childhood cancer.

Since Wigs & Wishes was founded, over 100,000 wigs have been given to those in need, and dozens of wishes have been granted due to the help and support of generous sponsors and donors. Martino even got Paula Abdul on board as a chairman of Wigs & Wishes, which gives the organization even more opportunities to help.

In Martino’s words, “If you don’t know how to give, you don’t know how to live.” And he shows that he lives by these words time and time again. Recently, he changed the lives of those at Washington Township High School by organizing and providing over 500 graduates with swag bags and roses for the teachers. But his philanthropy doesn’t stop there. During the pandemic, Martino spearheaded “Passover with a Purpose” and raised over $42K to purchase an ambulance in Israel for United Hatzalah.

Martino’s brand of hair products and styling tools, Martino by Martino Cartier, is driven by charity, not the other way around. In other words, the brand is geared for charity. They turn no one away. You can find his products and tools on HSN and Amazon.

Martino Cartier is a stylist with the biggest heart, and his philanthropy is sure to live on.

You can learn more about Martino through his website, his Instagram, and his YouTube. For updates on Wigs & Wishes, you can follow their Instagram and Facebook and check out their website. As for Martino by Martino Cartier, you can learn more through the website, Instagram, and Facebook.