Henny West and His Journey to the Music Industry

The music industry is an avenue for artists with a strong will to compete. Given the amount of multi-talented artists in this said industry, the competition will always be challenging. For Henny West he has already understood the whole concept of music and is now more open to any challenges and setbacks. He wants to embrace them and learn from them to become the best version of who he is.

Henny West is popularly known as a music producer who focuses on hip hop. He is based in Carson, California. He has already released four albums with his independent record label called “Dedicated To You Entertainment.” He has also engineered several albums for various artists. 

This hip hop artist wants to show the world how captivating and how unique hip hop music is. He understands that not many people can relate to this genre, but he is also aware that it is one of the most creative. With that being said, Henny West wants to make hip hop dominate the airwaves and stay there for a long time.

For Henny, writing music comes naturally. He does not need to compare his output to other songwriters and music producers’ work. He is confident enough to claim that his creative juices can turn words into unique melodies. Since music is a common denominator shared by him and his family, he grew up loving every bit of it.

He decided to start his career and make a living out of his talent and potential to make him whole and fulfilled in the years to come. Fortunately, music served its useful purpose in Henny West’s life. What truly pushed him to pursue his passion is to provide his family with a better life. 

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Henny West still wants to continue writing good music. Before the outbreak started, he released one of his best projects called “1440”. The meaning behind the title of this project refers to the number of minutes in a day. He is currently working on his latest project called “TrapRock” and fuses hip hop and rock. 

In a separate interview, Henny recalled that his love for music started in his teenage years. Specifically, he was fifteen years old when he started working on his very first project. Until the time being, he has been producing music for over twenty years, which is quite an achievement for an artist.

Henny pours his heart into his craft, and he wants people to respect what he does because this is what feeds him. A few years back, he was thinking of making a living out of his passion, and right now, this is what he is completely doing. Henny believes in the grace of God, and this belief continues to help him get through every setback.

Henny’s journey to the music industry is indeed one for the books, and you may have a glimpse of it on his Instagram.