HDS Entertainment is Changing the Touring Attraction Industry

HDS Entertainment is a worldwide event producer and promoter specializing in creating and touring, innovative events for large audiences. Having staged events across the globe; from Uganda to Japan, Chile to Russia, HDS Entertainment has welcomed over a million people to its events.  The HDS Entertainment team thrives on creating exciting events of all shapes and sizes for people of all ages and desires.

HDS Entertainment was created in April 2007 when CEO, Grahame Ferguson, conjured up the largest silent disco company on the earth.  The Headphone Disco powers hundreds of events across the globe every year for festivals, nightclubs, and even for your birthday if so requested. The silence has been deafening at the Firefly Festival (USA), Creamfields (UK), WEMF (Canada), and at Music Cruises featuring bands like Paramore and Kiss.

With an average of one HDS Entertainment event per day, the team behind every event is kept extremely busy. C.E.O. Grahame Ferguson said:

“All of these incredible events wouldn’t be possible without an amazing team of people. Our staff continues to grow as our ambitions and creativity grow. The next great event can’t happen without great people pulling the strings behind the event.”

HDS Entertainment is known for breaking records, and that is exactly what they are doing right now with the Big Bounce America, the world’s largest bounce house.  The Big Bounce America sold-out venues in 15 cities on its 2017 tour. Having sold out virtually every ticket-to-date, the 64-city, 2018 tour has been even more successful than the first. Additionally, The Big Bounce America videos have been viewed over 15 million times across multiple digital platforms.

The project’s success is a result of Ferguson’s understanding of current trends in the event industry, and then his ability to innovate upon those trends. The current, emerging trend, which has their attention, is large outdoor events, focused on customer experience.  This trend is evident in Big Bounce America, which is more than just the largest bounce house to ever tour the world. It houses a DJ booth with nightclub-quality sound and lights, a massive slide, and an obstacle course. It’s a traveling party with multiple different experiences going on inside and outside of the event for people of all ages.

Big Bounce America is HD Spectrum Entertainment’s latest event to tour the U.S.A., but the company says it has a number of other tricks up its sleeve that they will be revealing to the world over the next few years. HD Spectrum Entertainment is a company to keep your eyes on, a rising star in their industry and producers of events you will certainly want to attend in a city near you.