Hannah Hutson Helping People Achieve Their Fitness and Nutrition Goals with Custom Programs

Hannah Hutson is a Seattle-based fitness enthusiast and coach who offers customized fitness and nutrition programs tailored toward every individual’s needs, goals, and lifestyle. She is the founder of Get Up With Hannah. This online fitness training and nutrition coaching platform helps individuals move better, and live healthier,  with personalized online programming created around their goals and available resources. Hannah holds a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry degree from Western Washington University, and  this background, together with the Precision Nutrition certification, has helped her understand nutrition better. She also has four fitness certifications, two kettlebell, one barbell, and one bodyweight certification, all in her name. She currently owns and runs Belltown Strength & Conditioning, operating out of Seattle, WA.

At Get Up With Hannah, the goal is to understand the clients individually and help them reach their full potential. Hannah is available 24/7 if her clients need to call or contact her for support, motivation, and accountability. The programs are designed to meet every clients’ goals and lifestyle. Hannah doesn’t believe in fad diets that change your body overnight. She strives to progress her clients slowly, to create habits that will last a lifetime. She wants  these changes to stick even after the program ends; this, she believes, is the core of what her brand stands for, and people need to know about it.

When asked what separates her from her competition, Hannah says, “I am more hands-on than a normal coach. I don’t just send you a plan, then not talk to you for a month. I have created a way to interact with my clients daily to know they have my support, motivation, and accountability. If the plan is not working, it will be adjusted. I strive to get to know my clients to understand them better, and therefore, I can help them achieve their goals better. When it comes to fitness, I focus on helping them build the correct movement patterns through proper form and skills training. I want them to get strong, but I also want them to do it the right way, without injuries. I watch their form, and I’ll adjust the program when I see weak points, mobility, and stability issues. I create programs that are sustainable and can become a part of one’s life.”

Hannah explained that she got inspired to build her brand because she overtrained herself to the point of injury at the beginning of her fitness journey. Thus, she felt a need to design a program and system that helps people lift weights without getting hurt. It is also a system that enables people to bounce back even after sustaining injuries while training. It also creates a balanced diet without necessarily reducing your food or calories intake in an attempt to lose weight.

In five years, Hannah would love to reach more people and help them through her customized fitness and nutrition programs. It educates them on what a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle can look like, even on a large scale.

Want to know more about Get Up With Hannah? Visit her website here, or connect with her on Instagram.