Get Your Mortgage Easily with the Help of Nikitas Kouimanis

The American dream is still very much alive, and a loan originator like Nikitas Kouimanis helps keep the dream alive. Nikitas, himself, has experienced firsthand what it feels like to be disadvantaged. He has no college degree, but he has worked his way to the top and is now a nationally ranked loan originator. Nikitas Kouimanis got into the industry at a young age of 20, and he has gained a lot of experience to position him as a top loan originator in the country. His high level of expertise over the last 20 years has earned him the nickname Mr Mortgage®. With his experience, he has mastered the art of evaluating people’s lifestyles and budgets to recommend the most suitable short and long-term mortgage plans for them.

At one point or the other, everyone will need a home, and Mr Mortgage®, Nikitas Kouimanis, is the best person in the business that simplifies the process. Not everyone can deal with the complex procedures that come with home buying. However, with the expertise that Nikitas Kouimanis brings, prospective homeowners can get their dream home easily without hurting their finances. Owning a home and having peace of mind are part of the American Dream, and Mr Mortgage® makes that happen.

Nikitas is a member of the National Association of Mortgage Professionals and also a member of the Mortgage Bankers Association. He is also a Certified Military Housing Specialist and Mortgage Planning Specialist with awards and landmark achievements to his name. He was in the Top 200 Loan Originator in the USA in 2007, 2008, 2015, 2017, 2018, and 2019 and Mortgage Executive Magazine named him as part of the Top 1% Mortgage Professionals in the USA. He has a lot of other awards, which are listed on his website.

One would think that Mr Mortgage® rose to the top of his profession by being an astute businessman. He did more than that. If Nikitas Kouimanis does anything, he makes his clients feel like family and establishes a long-lasting relationship with them. From an easy application process to personal concierge-level service, Mr Mortgage® walks hand-in-hand with his clients to provide them with the best mortgage solutions.

Nikitas targets first-time homebuyers, homeowners, real estate agents, builders, attorneys, and tax preparers. His 20 years of experience and 24/7 availability alongside excellent service deliveries are the major things that differentiate him from the competition. Generally, clients who need someone they can trust to help them achieve their home purchase in New York or Connecticut can trust Mr Mortgage®.

The Mr Mortgage® brand came to life from his desire and determination to ensure that every client who contacts him gets a solution to their needs. And in five years’ time, the dream will remain the same, except that Mr Mortgage® would have covered more states in the United States of America. Whether it’s home purchase, mortgage, or refinancing, Nikitas Kouimanis knows exactly what to do to help new homeowners.

To learn more about Mr Mortgage®, visit his website.