Get on Board with TikiFunBoats and Their World-Famous Tiki-Style Pontoon

With the multitude of boats docked at one of the most beautiful harbors in the world, one boat in particular that landed on the waters of Newport Harbor in 2019 caught the eye of locals and tourists alike. That boat was none other than TikiFunBoats’ signature boat called the Big Bamboo. 

The Big Bamboo is eye-catching and spectacularly unconventional. Since its official launch, it has gained massive attention due to its unique island aesthetic. It comes off as distinctive and unorthodox in a sea of boats that people couldn’t tell apart from one another.

 Fortunately, the boat is open for rental at an affordable price tag. Unlike yachts that can cost a fortune to charter, the Big Bamboo doesn’t have a hefty price tag for what it has to offer. Unlike the typical Duffy rentals where there is not much space to move around, the boat is big enough for people to sit, stand, and even dance! You have to drive the Duffy boat where with TikiFunBoats, the rental comes with a licensed captain who drives the boat. This way, people can sit back, relax, enjoy the beautiful views and their company. Along with its vibrant Tiki-style aesthetic and popular harbor destination, the whole experience is something that one should never miss out on.

 The team behind TikiFunBoats is set on cornering the Newport Beach market. It is a prime location for tourists looking to have a wonderful time in California. It has also attracted hundreds of locals seeking to try something new. The immense popularity has gained incredible traction that the team is looking to get multiple boats to support its growth. The team is also entertaining the idea of a tiki boat that can accommodate larger parties, anywhere from 20 – 25 people. Eventually, TikiFunBoats aims to branch out with a franchise business model. The goal is to expand their brand and reach across various operators located in harbor cities across the USA. 

 The Big Bamboo is strategically docked near the most well-known restaurants in Newport Beach. Once patrons enjoy a sumptuous meal in one of the best restaurants in the area, they will eventually admire the view and be captivated by the distinctive features of the Big Bamboo. The strategy has been successful so far since TikiFunBoats has been booked seven days a week ever since it’s official launch in early 2020. What’s so exciting about the Big Bamboo and TikiFunBoats is the amenities that they provide to their customers.

 They have custom hardwood throughout, including a tiki bar for lounging, plush Tommy Bahama sofa seating with a small dining table. They also provide a sound system for customers who want to blast their favorite songs and dance. They have differentiated themselves with a great middle-ground concept. Duffy boat rentals can be cramped, and large boats that hold up to 45 – 60 people come with a five-figure rental price tag, which is not ideal for a single-family vacation or a small group of locals looking to try something new.

 TikiFunBoats has pulled out all the stops towards providing its customers with an intimate experience that they will never forget. The boat can hold six people comfortably at a relatively competitive and reasonable price. It’s like booking an upgraded themed suite rather than a basic hotel room that doesn’t give the customers anything new, just bland and boring. TikiFunBoats is the opposite of bland and boring. They’re all about fun and excitement. 

 Anyone interested in booking a rental or a reservation at TikiFunBoats can drop by their website for more information regarding their services.