Galiatea Is Revolutionizing Luxury Furniture and Home Decor

In the hustle and bustle of our busy world, it seems we have forgotten the real value of craftsmanship and handmade products. We seem to place more importance and attention towards mass-produced items and have marginalized those with unique skills, mostly passed on from many generations.

Founded in 2014, Galiatea has been a platform for underrepresented artisans to be seen and appreciated. It has been home to skilled craftsmen from Peru, Brazil, Turkey, Nepal, Cambodia, Uganda, Rwanda, and Laos, and aims to represent even more artisans from all around the world.

Featuring made-to-order furniture and home decor in their catalog, the company values the tangible quality of homemade, locally-sourced furniture and home decor, and advocates for these to be made using sustainable materials and methods.

Galiatea designs, curates, and offers unique pieces to their audience while providing an avenue for marginalized groups to showcase their unseen potential and create a livelihood for them. These underrepresented artisans are the very core of the company, the reason for its being. Through Galiatea’s “Heart in Art” initiative, these skilled workers are given 10% of profits to help their communities thrive—providing opportunities for education and infrastructure development.

Created with social impact in mind, the company aims to increase global social consciousness as well. With the increase in mass production, Galiatea sees the need to bring awareness of these local artisan communities and connect them to the world.

The company describes true luxury as “timeless, elegant, and lasting.” Truly, its items transcend fashion and trends, using materials that are meant to last through generations.

This 25th of June 2020, Galiatea will be embarking on a great milestone—the launching of their new website. Purchasing will then be made open to the public for the very first time, from its current set up that is exclusive to Trade Design professionals only. The company will be hosting a live event on Facebook, featuring Sophia Clark, Galiatea’s Founder and Creative Director.

In a mission to redefine luxury and where it comes from, the company believes the soul of a culture is found in the masterpieces created by the very hands of its people. 

In a recent Instagram post, Galiatea wrote about how these days we are being wired to expect instant gratification from 2-day shipping, fast downloads, and instant access, that people have forgotten the sheer joy and quality that comes from homemade products. The company believes that when one purchases something handmade, they are buying years of experience, lessons, and failures. And just the same, they are buying days, weeks and months of work to learn and hone that craft. “You are purchasing a little piece of the heart and soul of an artisan and, in turn, appreciating the beauty in the details and uniqueness of something made by the hands of another human being.”

Moreover, one of Galiatea’s objectives is the mission to reduce its environmental impact by limiting the amount of stock they carry. Therefore, all items are guaranteed limited edition, customized, and made-to-order for specific customer needs.

Through its online platform, the company aims to reach more people and educate them on the different cultures of communities to be credited for their one of a kind items, made through traditional craftsman methods.

Galiatea remains up to date on recent design styles and trends worldwide through its in-house design team. The company prides itself on procuring locally sourced materials impossible to be replicated in a mass-production environment.

Be updated on Galiatea through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest and connect with them through their website.