From Bad Credit to a Fresh Start: Fresh Start Financial Group

These days, credit is everything. Millions of people struggle with the issues of bad credit and credit repair, which can be a slow process.

Fresh Start Financial Group Inc, supports their clients so that bad credit will soon be a thing of the past.

Credit has changed transactions as we know it. Credit now determines whether or not an individual can make purchases or apply for certain things. Credit scores affect big purchases, like when buying a car or house, and they affect a person’s ability to get loans. Financial institutions hold credit scores in high regard, of course, but they’re not the only ones that take credit scores into account. 

Employers may also look at credit scores when they consider potential employees. And even utilities like electric, water, cable, and cellular network providers check credit. For one to get ahead in life, one needs good credit scores.

Individuals with bad credit and who need a fresh start on their finances reach out to Fresh Start Financial Group Inc. for a chance to turn over a new leaf. The financial company helps its clients achieve their desired credit score in less than ninety days. If they don’t achieve the client’s goals within that time, clients get their money back.

The company fixes credit by restoring credit to where it needs to be. Fresh Start Financial Group provides assurance that buying a car or home, getting credit cards with high credit limits, and even getting a loan to start a business or remodel a house can be as easy as pie for their clients.

The company focuses on fixing one’s FICO scores, which is the credit score used by most lenders. The FICO score concentrates heavily on the consumer’s on-time payments. Essentially, the scores predict the likelihood that consumers will pay their bills on time. One missed payment can cause severe damage to one’s FICO score. Mismanagement of wealth is part of what lowers a credit score. It can be easy to miss a payment, and these payments can stack up. But just paying a past-due debt does not fix the problem. This is where Fresh Start Financial Group goes all in to help boost the client’s FICO score and repair their credit. 

Fresh Start Financial Group wants to set itself apart from all the other credit companies because they take in their clients’ dreams into consideration. Whatever goals and aspirations the clients have become theirs, and together, they work towards achieving them. This focus on making sure clients’ goals become a reality is the work of the founder of Fresh Start Financial Group, Noel Verdejo. 

Noel Verdejo founded the group in March 2019, and prior to starting a business for credit repair, he worked as a finance director in the car business industry. For eighteen years, he found ways to help clients fix their credit to buy cars, home, and get great deals on their purchases. And now he continues to do that but as a leader of his own company.

To learn more about Fresh Start Financial Group and what they do, visit their website.