Fashion Designer Franky Baca on Thriving and Learning Even from Home

Luxury fashion designer Franky Baca may be one of the biggest names in fashion right now, but the pandemic hasn’t been all that productive for him either. However, he insists that there are so many ways to take advantage of this downtime. For him, it’s how someone approaches the situation that determines how they can shine when the world is up and running again. 

His advice to those who need it is, “Please stay busy and be willing to learn during these times. Your future self will thank you.” He adds, “Although the future of your career may seem bleak at times, you are capable of getting your dream career on the right track.”

And indeed, he is speaking from experience. After all, this is how he started his brand. In 2013, as a self-taught designer, Franky set out to make his own brand. He spent hours working on his own, learning what he could and making sure he got it right. After taking some time learning the craft and perfecting it, he began creating his first garments. As a brand drawing inspiration from nature, architecture, classic paintings, film, and his Bay Area home neighborhood, Franky Baca has created a sense of individuality for men and women. 

It was only the beginning for Franky, but what sprung his career further is his move from the Bay Area to Los Angeles. It was this move that allowed him to see the bigger view of things. Every opportunity that went his way, he seized it and did not allow anything to go through. Los Angeles taught him there is growth in taking a step forward out of your comfort zone. He learned that there are moments and situations one would never imagine being in and even places one can never imagine themselves going, but they will. However, he does not forget that everything is up to one’s decisions. Whether in one’s hometown or some place big, it all depends on how one makes something out of the opportunity they’re given.

Right after the release of his Season 3 collection last year, he went on participating in the Blushcon Fashion Show, styled for up-and-coming R&B artist Soulaire, and ended the year by working with the designer Jessica Rich. Besides becoming a must-watch in fashion, he also published a book entitled, Women Are Better, but also My Irrational Thoughts and Theories: How to Get Started in Fashion, Acting, Modeling, and More! available on Amazon. It was definitely something he never expected to happen, but it did. And that for him is proof that anyone, not just him, can become successful.

Franky Baca strongly believes that everyone else can do it too. “I may not have a lot of experience, but I have enough,” he shares. “I have had success in the industry, and I have seen many other artists become successful around me. There is no reason you can’t be the next success story.”

To learn more about Franky Baca, visit his website.