Exclusive Calls Introduces an Efficient Way for Appointment Setting

Appointment setting is crucial in any business sales process as it links the possibility of a lead to a potential sale. When done correctly, it helps sales representatives connect with prospects that have been pre-qualified. While business owners know the benefits of appointment setting, they neither have the time nor the resources to perform this time-consuming task. In offering their products and services to prospects and existing clients, they need to have trained appointment setters who know what they’re doing on the phone.

Mo Amin discovered the same problem when working for a call center technology company that sold telephone and dialer systems to businesses that had in-house appointment setters. Being the Vice President of Business Development at his previous company, he noticed that clients canceled their dialer system technology once their appointment setter disappeared, or the business owner opted to search for a replacement caller. 

Understanding the dire need for stable and professional appointment setters, he established Exclusive Calls in 2008. Starting as a small call center, he would offer his clients a dedicated caller on the dialer platform. “It’s just like having someone inside your office working for you without all the headaches,” says the founder.

Since then, the company has been recruiting, training, and managing appointment setters. Considering their experience and research in the field, the company only hires competent and qualified individuals who can become part of their company long term. By recognizing the value of building trust with customers and the power of technology, Mo believes that the most efficient way to start any sales process is through phone conversations. As an expert in the call center industry, he hired the right coaches and hand-trained them on how to prep sales development representatives, so they become effective openers and set up appointments accordingly. 

Molding individuals to become professional callers, they connect business owners with workable leads and grow their audience. In addition to their dedicated appointment setters, they have quality assurance representatives who barge in on the appointments or call back the interested prospects to confirm the appointments before they are emailed to the client. To further enhance their service, the company assigns a team leader responsible for handling those accounts daily for every 12 to 16 callers. 

With the company’s appointment setting services, they introduce expert appointment setting representatives that can provide plenty of warm prospects and set up the client’s sales team. After picking a program that fits the needs of a company, Exclusive Calls designates callers to work exclusively for their business. By enrolling with Exclusive Calls, it allows the clientele to stop wasting time, energy, and money trying to find the right talent to be part of their business development team. 

Through his company, he has helped thousands of small businesses and Fortune 500 companies reach and even overshoot their sales targets through appointment setting. To make it easier for his clients to monitor their appointments and the agents responsible for getting the lead, he grants them back end access to the customized system. By using the portal, clients can see that the calls are being made back to back and the disposition stats of the calls. Moreover, business owners can export the list of calls and look up sales, phone appointments, and live transfers.

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