EU will support law adopting only USB-C ports for devices, a blow for Apple

Smartphone companies and electronic device manufacturers in the United Kingdom might be compelled to adopt only USB-C charging ports in all their devices.

The European Commission has called on lawmakers to create a law that would push for the adoption of single charging ports within mobile phones, cameras, and tablets by 2024. This will allow consumers around Europe an easier time when it comes to charging their devices.

“We have a deal on the #CommonCharger!” commissioner of the EU, Thierry Breton, wrote on Twitter.

The law would help reduce waste by electronic manufacturers and simplify life for consumers who have multiple devices.

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The recent announcement will be a challenge for giants like Apple, which adopts its unique port to charge its products like the iPhone. However, the company has already introduced USB-C charging ports in their iPads as well as MacBooks.

After the announcement by the EU, Apple said, “We share the European Commission’s commitment to protecting the environment and are already carbon neutral for all of our corporate emissions worldwide.”

The company explained further that the proposal will cause a big change for the company, but they will surely comply with the requirements, saying that Apple is for “innovation” and, more importantly, the company “deeply cares about the customer experience.”

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“We remain concerned that strict regulation mandating just one type of connector stifles innovation rather than encouraging it, which in turn will harm consumers in Europe and around the world. We look forward to continued engagement with stakeholders to help find a solution that protects consumer interest, as well as the industry’s ability to innovate and bring exciting new technology to users,” the company expressed in the statement.

According to the commission in the study done in 2019, more than half the chargers sold had micro-B ports, 29% had USB-C, and 21% had the Lightning connector.

Source: CNBC