Esoteric Collection: Greatness in the Name of Art

For Esoteric Collection, the essence and value of art are not just bound to galleries and museums — the world deserves to witness its grace. By connecting larger audiences through wide media outreach, it is the mission of Esoteric Collection to develop and assist artists in boosting their careers in the creatives industry. 

Founded by Aaron Von Ossko, the brand is a firm believer in the “anti-gallery concept.” By bridging the gap between creatives and art enthusiasts, the Esoteric Collection furthers the reach of art for artists to create. Aaron tore down the boundaries through the curated body of art with collaborations from the East and West Coast artists. With over 100 works made by various aspiring artists, the brand united and strengthened the art community. 

2015 was an impeccable year for Esoteric Collection. Ossko inked a deal with Los Angeles PR agency, MUSE Publishing, to co-produce editorial content for global and commercial magazines and outlets. Through their joint collaboration, the brands have risen to prominence in the industry. Maxim, FHM, Playboy, GQ, and Sports Illustrated are just some of the companies that they have worked with. Moreover, they have also been featured in Art Basel and LA Art Show, two renowned art fairs in the community.

His troubling past was a driving force for Ossko to realize and fulfill the dreams of artists. Growing up in a hostile environment, the philanthropist suffered the horrors of terrible parenting. Living in a home with an abusive father,  Ossko learned to escape the physical, verbal, and mental abuse through sketching. The California-based art enthusiast was forced by his father to have a different hustle. However, everything changed for Ossko when he exited his father’s car franchise chain to pursue the passion he always had — artistry. His past conquests may have brought him pain, but now he chooses to invest and support artists from grassroots levels like Baltimore-painter Purnell Gray.

“I definitely think that there could be more support. I think some of the upper echelon galleries and art fairs should be and could be doing more when it comes to paying it forward,” the art connoisseur said.

After tweaking some parameters, Ossko discovered the perfect balance for businesses and creatives of the Esoteric Collection. He stressed the importance of giving artists credit and fairness. “Without being able to make money in the art business, you can’t help or give any artists a platform such as a gallery or an art fair to showcase their work, so you have to find the balance,” he claimed.

Ossko and the Esoteric Collection is also deeply engaged in partaking in philanthropic works. The collection played an instrumental role with Nike for the Boys and Girls Club in the city of Watts. Recruiting contemporary artists Spencer “Mar” and SEK, the project was a terrific success after hours of working with Nike’s volunteers. Ossko said that seeing the smiles on children’s faces was a proud moment for them. Recently, Ossko also worked with Philipp Plein.

Ossko also commented on the importance of social media platforms in the art community. In this day and age, harnessing and understanding the dynamics of media could prove beneficial for artists. Platforms like Instagram enable artists to show their passion to the world. Additionally, the seasoned art collector’s experience from his father’s franchise was put to good use as he applied the marketing experience in flourishing the Esoteric Collection. 

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