Entrepreneur Brittany Whitaker Emphasizes the Importance of Vision and Dedication in Finding Success

To believe that successful entrepreneurs who went on to dominate the industry were just lucky enough to do so undermines the hard work and perseverance that these powerhouses religiously observed on their rise to the top. But it is a common misconception and has led to people not exerting the necessary effort to improve themselves and expand their ventures.

Brittany Whitaker used to have this kind of mindset. But, numerous firsthand business experiences gave her the chance to see that, more than anything else, hard work is one of the most significant determinants of success. And now, she serves as an icon of hope for others, giving testimonials to the power of working hard and wanting something hard enough.

This entrepreneur behind a successful Amazon enterprise has always demonstrated an inclination for business, and her entrepreneurial knack is profoundly demonstrated in how she enjoys learning about running a venture.

As a female business owner, she is privy to the fact that a lot of women feel that their options are limited. For some, establishing a business may not even be a choice. But her tale of commercial victory will prove that even for those staying at home, dreams can find fruition.

For this Amazon seller, it all started when her family moved back to northern Nevada after her husband graduated with a degree in Veterinary at Washington State. They bought a farm, capitalizing on a new veterinarian’s salary that could only go so far. As they planted twenty thousand dollars worth of seed, the picture that Brittany saw on her head is that of money being blown into the wind. 

With that image in mind, Brittany followed the recommendation of Jason Stone from Millionaire Mentor. She watched a webinar on starting an Amazon business and banked on what she learned to craft a business pitch. The commercial venture she was able to design earned a go signal from her husband, jumpstarting the establishment of their company.  

Brittany currently offers wholesale products through the Amazon business she has founded. She takes pride in her inventory that consists of products that are part of everyone’s everyday needs as well as in the way her company treats its employees. With her strong belief in prioritizing people over profits, Brittany makes sure that the individuals she works with are provided with the utmost respect.

Entrepreneurship is not an easy endeavor, and it has provided Brittany with a lot of learning insights that she is ready to share with others. One of the greatest lessons she gained revolves around the importance of having a support system. Running a business alone is near impossible, and one should not hesitate to pay the right amount for the help of experts who can provide guidance in terms of bringing in one’s desired results. 

More significantly, she has surmised that business is not exclusive to the lucky ones. Brittany believes that, as long as dedication and hard work are present, anyone can reach the goals they want to achieve. 

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