Ellis Ekhator on the Undefined Truth of Dating and Relationships

With the continuing innovation of technology and the different ways our daily lives are changing by the minute, the world has become virtually borderless and smaller. Even the most basic necessities are becoming more accessible through the use of the internet, and face-to-face interactions are now somehow kept at a minimum. This constant process of evolution has brought with it a drastic change even in the way individuals can meet and get to know each other and how our preferences are currently being shaped. The influence of modern technology and social media is what Ellis Ekhator, in his Undefined Truth Podcast, seeks to explore. 

On Undefined Truth, Ellis, along with his co-host, Amber, talks about how our daily lives are constantly being affected by the prevalence of modern ways of interaction. From dating and relationships to education, the Podcast tackles everyday nuances that may often go unnoticed but have in reality, been largely influenced by popular culture and are now in stark contrast when viewed in comparison with traditional ways and through conservative perspectives. One thing that is quite unique to Undefined Truth is how it talks about the influence of mass culture on human relationships and how one’s cultural identity, among other numerous factors, may also have an impact on their dating life. 

Now on its second season, Undefined Truth continues to lure listeners not just because of its relevance in modern society, as its popularity can also be attributed to the comic relief provided by the conversations between Ellis, Amber, and their guests. When asked about the reason behind the birth of Undefined Truth, Ellis simply remarked that because it is necessary for people to adapt to this fast-changing world, Undefined Truth was brought to life to help its listeners navigate their way through this process of metamorphosis, while at the same time preserving the basic values of dating and person-to-person interactions in general, keeping in mind that principles like respect and decency are the foothold of healthy relationships.

Change is inevitable, and with these constant modifications, Undefined Truth likewise continues to live on. For Ellis, his love for Undefined Truth is rooted in his passion for helping the vulnerable, especially those who have been plagued by the pain of a broken heart. “This inspired me to start a podcast titled Undefined Truth to expose, educate, and create awareness not just for dating, but other aspects of our lives,” he said, with an aim to stay true to the Podcast’s goal of “identifying the needed changes as life changes around us.” 

Undefined Truth’s second season is now on its fifth episode, which is scheduled to be released this upcoming Tuesday, November 10th, at 6:00 AM Eastern Time. In this episode, a heartbreaking story of love, infidelity, and the destruction of a once-happy family was shared with the world for the first time ever. 

To know more about the Undefined Truth Podcast, you may visit their website and Instagram, find their page on Anchor, and listen to Undefined Truth on Spotify,  Apple Podcast, and iHeartRadio