EcoFi: The Future Decentralized Finance

EcoFi is an open-source, permissionless, and censorship-resistant protocol built to power safe and responsible innovation in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space.

The EcoFi team says the platform will fundamentally change the face of DeFi as we know it.  “Blockchain makes it possible for technologically demonstrable scarcity in the form of digital assets. Standing at the forefront of this digital evolution is EcoFi, and at the center of DeFI innovation stands ECO, driving true value back to the participants who prop this industry up.”   

The world of financial technology is rapidly undergoing a revolutionary change. Today, DeFi represents the next natural step in the evolution of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, serving a marketplace outside of centralized exchanges. However, it has created a boom and bust economy where projects surge with popularity only to fizzle out after uncertainty sets, or when development teams go dormant.DAO GovernanceDEX

EcoFi seeks to put an end to this cycle by creating a DeFi protocol built to reward community strength and participation.

Ecofi will be one of the few Defi protocols built to withstand the upcoming bull run’s volatility and flourish in the ensuing bear run. The EcoFi’s team has a dynamic roadmap that will include staking, yield farming, unique NFT’s, and DAO Governance of EcoFi development to ensure lasting value.

EcoFi’s unique economic model hinges on the principles of staking and DeFi yield farming paired with an exclusive NFT marketplace. EcoFi will deliver this via the platform’s utility token, $ECO, and farmable $SPRT tokens that will drive digital commerce.

EcoFi will host an exclusive marketplace of NFTs of various tiers, that can be acquired by way of ECO and SPRT tokens. For any ECO tokens spent on an NFT 50% will be burned while the other goes back to the EcoFi address to be distributed based on platform maintenance requirements.

“In a world full of Meme Coins and projects lacking legitimacy, EcoFi is engineering true utility with a long-term vision for platform growth, and value for holders of $ECO tokens.”

EcoFi is an open-source decentralized technology platform, built to facilitate the growth and evolution of the DeFi marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain. EcoFi’s unique and innovative use of NFT assets, physical, and digital rewards, as well as liquidity pairs and yield farming will help to transform the future of the financial ECOsystem.