Dylan Blau Helps Upcoming Talent Stand Out in a Highly-Competitive Influencer Industry

Dylan Blau, the founder of The Blau Agency, takes the lead in helping people build a brand and grow their followers on social media. As a social media expert and entrepreneur, Dylan knows how to make the most out of the digital space through his strategies for credibility and profitability on social media.

The Blau Agency is a talent management and social media branding company that helps up and coming artists from all walks of life. Dylan Blau specializes in helping his clients with branding, marketing, lead generation, sales, networking, collaborations, website, content creation, and personal management. 

Dylan Blau has worked with rappers, celebrities, and online influencers who are now running at the top of their game. Unlike other textbook marketing professionals in the industry who learned through school, Dylan takes his expertise and foundation from his fruitful years in the industry. Understanding the practical application of how to use social media has allowed Dylan to maximize other  brands potential for income in an oversaturated market.

His consistent ability to test new concepts and take risks to learn is how Dylan continues to lead the way on social media. Recently joining TikTok, he already had a video go viral with over 1 million views, and he has over 29K followers. Dylan Blau prides himself on his proven track record of success and experimentation. Dylan tackles every hurdle head-on with his innovative strategies that have propelled many to new levels of success. When it comes to problem solving and creating new ideas for  brands, Dylan is known for coming up with the most out of the box concepts that always over deliver on expectations and results.

Social media is one of the most inexpensive and convenient ways one can market themselves. Given the direction of professionals such as Dylan Blau, exposure across digital platforms can be life-changing. The Blau Agency provides the same level of expertise as any Hollywood agency, however with Dylan’s unique approach and strategies, he has created an organic buzz and word of mouth about his new venture.  

“I want to leave behind a legendary impact and help millions of people all over the world,” said Dylan Blau. Every day, an artist seems to appear from one corner of the globe. Dylan said that while social media gives everyone the chance to be famous, many influencers still fail, unable to turn their influence into a profit. This knowledge gap motivated Dylan to educate upcoming artists to turn their skills into business ventures. Furthermore, the expert stressed that having a reliable agency will help an artist go through a step-by-step process to turn their dreams into reality.

Currently, Dylan Blau is working with TikTok influencers to help them leverage their prominence and success in monetizing their brand. Such personalities gain millions of views on the platform. Dylan is guiding them on how to create a real business while doing what they are passionate about. “I love to work with content creators and rising entrepreneurs who can benefit the most from understanding how the business of social media really works,” Dylan Blau said.

Dylan Blau builds long-lasting relationships with his clients. Whatever an artist may be doing, either releasing a new song or starting a modeling career, Dylan evens the playing field for everyone by leveraging social media. “Even more compelling than my passion for business and entrepreneurship is my unquenchable desire to help others,” Dylan said.

On top of being a social media expert and entrepreneur, Dylan Blau is also an internationally known dog trainer with over 13 years of experience in taming dogs with aggression and behavior issues. Dylan also authored two books. One book is called Social Media Secrets, where he discussed game-changing strategies for dominating online platforms. The other book is entitled We Are Dog Training, tackling dog training secrets and spreading the message that everyone is capable of training dogs or themselves.

To learn more about The Blau Agency, visit their website. Also, check out Dylan Blau on Instagram.