Dreams Don’t Stay Dreams With Dreamchasers Motivation

Trevantis Whetzel, the mind behind Dreamchasers Motivation, is determined to motivate and inspire people to realize their hopes and aspirations. With his unfaltering optimism and reliable advice, the Dreamchaser personally sees that everyone in his reach and beyond makes their dreams come true.

“Everyone doesn’t want to see you win or make it, but I do. My company isn’t about me; it’s for others and helping others get that little motivation and inspiration to wake up and chase the life that they have ever dreamed of,” Trevantis shares.

Dreamchasers Motivation exists solely to give people a positive boost of energy. Through it, Trevantis pushes his audience to persevere and achieve anything that they want out of life. The CEO’s seemingly eerie ability to relate to his reach comes from the fact that everything he posts on the brand’s page is taken from personal life. 

Growing up, Trevantis did not have it easy. He was separated from his family at a young age and was in foster care for more than 12 years. He changed homes and schools every other week, sometimes every other day, and fought through more than his fair share of obstacles. 

“I started off behind in school,” he recalls, “and would have a hard time learning anything because I didn’t know if I would be at the same foster home or school the following day.”

Feeling lost, abandoned, and hungry, Trevantis struggled to stay optimistic until, one day, he decided to give life his best shot and be the living proof that nothing is impossible. Gathering strength from his faith, the Dreamchasers Motivation CEO began to chase his dreams.

With less than a ten percent chance at graduating high school, Trevantis became one of the few from foster care to do so. Continuing to beat the odds, he battled the two percent chance of anyone from foster care getting a college degree. Come December, Trevantis will be tossing his cap in celebration.

“I’m living proof, and, with my story, I want to motivate and inspire as many people as I can and show you that no matter what circumstances, struggles and hard times you face in life, you can make it!”

Along with motivational posts taken from his experience, Trevantis also delivers the importance of working hard. To continue realizing his dreams of being a Dreamchasers Motivation speaker, he started a detailing company called “Whetzel Detailing.” Juggling his page’s handling and the management of Whetzel Detailing all while taking college courses is no walk in the park, but Trevantis Whetzel is not easily deterred.

“While chasing your dreams, you still have to work and work hard,” he shares. “I work hard, and I’m willing to do the grit and grind to get to where I want to go. I’m not afraid to put in the work and go get it,” and Trevantis says, no one should be.

With his posts on Dreamchasers Motivation’s page, the CEO hopes for his reach to stay optimistic and driven to chase their dreams and turn it into reality. “There’s a lot of people out there that are going through what I’ve been through and don’t have any hope.” For those people, Trevantis is dedicated to providing the blueprints on how they can live the life they want.

Don’t let dreams stay dreams. Work hard and be inspired by Trevantis Whetzel’s story, visit the CEO, and Dreamchasers Motivation on Instagram.