DJ Chris Padin on Creating Music That Comes Alive

Energizing beats and heart-pumping bops—this is the kind of music that Chris Padin is known for. Chris is a music producer and DJ in New York City with over 7,000 fans. He is famous for mixing different genres to create a unique, never-before-heard experience. 

For as long as he can remember, he had always loved music and the way it made him feel. Growing up, Chris had an extensive music collection. There was music that he would listen to when he was happy and music that he listened to when he wanted to reflect on life. His collection had all different types of music for different moods, and he was known for carrying around an MP3 player with headphones.

At the age of 16, a friend asked him to play some of his songs at a party. It was then that he started looking up how to play the music he carried in his MP3 player for other people to listen to. He bought his first turntables then and spent hours learning how to use them. This was where it all started for DJ Chris Padin.

Through the years, he upgraded his equipment and practiced constantly. Still, he felt there was something missing. He eventually decided he needed to create his own music so that he could create the sound he was looking for that people could relate to.

Fast forward a few years later, and Chris has mastered producing tracks in a variety of genres, such as house, future bass, deep house, progressive house, and big room house. In creating his own sounds and tracks, he focuses on building a unique approach to dance music. He is fond of bending the rules and mixing aspects of different genres together to form his own unique vibe, delivering heart-pumping beats that are impossible to resist.

Through the years, he has built a combined following of over 7,000 fans across social media. He has amassed over 390,000 streams on SoundCloud, over 175,000 streams on Spotify, and over 500,000 views on YouTube. In doing so, he has connected with thousands of people that love music as much as he does right from the comfort of his home studio, his primary place of production.

Chris Padin stays on top of the electronic dance music (EDM) world by constantly broadening his sounds and approach to his craft. As an independent artist, he connects with new fans every day, who continue to support all the music production decisions he makes.

What he loves most about his career in music is all the people that have taken him to where he is today. He loves interacting with his fans on social media and answering their questions. Social media has allowed him to create a community of music lovers who have a deep respect for the craft.

Chris’s newest release, “Alpha,” is an innovative and energized track, specially made to make the listener feel as if they are five espressos in. Alpha is intense, upbeat, and just straight-up hype. Chris recommends this track for some extra gym motivation, a club hit, or even a big rave like the Ultra Music Festival.

Take a listen to “Alpha” on Chris’s Spotify page and keep up with him on his Instagram account.