Deron Keeton: Successful Businessmen and Women Securing Financial Freedom with Cash Flow University

Cash Flow University is a company that teaches entrepreneurs how to open multiple streams of income for business ventures in several fields. With connections within countless industries of business, it will become one of the leading companies in the country that provides blueprints about financial literacy. Whatever the venture—real estate, e-commerce, online businesses, investment opportunities, and traditional business—Cash Flow University has experts who are well-versed in managing their finances. 

The company’s CEO, Deron Keeton, has had the opportunity to work with many businessmen and women and has been a part of their successes. Deron began this entrepreneurial venture after realizing that he could do more if he pushed the boundaries. He formerly worked as a personal trainer and was adept at what he did. Deron loved his job, but he had other plans for himself. He wanted to do different things like taking a vacation and  spending more time with family and friends. Being pinned down by a full-time job under an employer was not helping him realize that desire. “I knew I had to make a change,” he said.

So Deron took advantage of the changing landscape of business, often characterized by the shift to cyberspace. He began to look into online business opportunities and studied its mechanisms. Several months later, he found an opening and invested in the venture. It reaped the rewards after just ten months. “I was making more money residually, in my sleep, than I was making at my full-time job.”

Deron primarily attributes this unprecedented success to an interest that started when he was young. He read numerous books about entrepreneurship and grew to love the possibilities of being an entrepreneur. Even as a college dropout, Deron was never disheartened. He knew that he was never meant for academic superiority; he didn’t want to fit into the same mold as everyone. Realizing that, he found himself on a path that he was always destined to take. 

As the founder of Cash Flow University, Deron looks to inspire others to create a life by design while also providing the necessary education to thrive in the business world. He has opened a portal for many people to unlock the doors of their planned venture. Deron asks others the same two questions he asked himself long ago: “If time and money weren’t an issue, what would your ideal life look like?” and “Is what you’re currently doing ever going to create that life for you?”

To Deron, knowing the answer to the questions is almost always the beginning of one’s path toward success. Deep down, he knew the answer to the questions, acted on it, and succeeded. Deron plans to share this with others.

Cash Flow University does not fall short of community service as well. Its community service branch, The Cash Flow U Foundation, donates relevant causes of the international community. As much as 20% of their sales are given to causes like malnutrition and the prevention of child sex trafficking. 

Led by a dynamic leader, Cash Flow University is sure to capture the public’s eye. The plan to expand its operations is within reach. 

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