Ded Stark, Self-Produced Musician Whose Artistry Serves as an Inspiration for Aspirants

There is no shortage of talents and phenomenal acts in the music industry. But while it is great to see so many passionate musicians living their dreams, the reality behind that success could also prove discouraging to those who want to pursue a career in music independently. More often than not, to establish a name in the highly competitive world of music, one has to secure resources and have the support of labels. Intending to encourage hopefuls to chase their aspirations even in the face of the daunting music scene, rising star Nate Earsley, more commonly known as Ded Stark, has stepped up, armed with his outstanding artistry and mission to be a ray of hope.

Ded Stark is a self-sustained and self-produced artist who is proving that quality music can be found not only in the mainstream scene but also underground. Transcending the use of labels, he stands against being boxed into one genre and refuses to be called a rapper or a hip-hop artist because of how these terms, when applied to him, could be a false representation of who he is as a multi-faceted artist dabbling in several genres. 

Boasting beats inspired by the new wave, it is not surprising to see Ded Stark launching songs that heavily feature a cloud rap sound, have a lofi vibe, or incorporate trap music. But amidst that his releases also have blues, grunge, reggae, and rock sonic undertones. His subject matter is not typical for the modern “hip hop” artist putting him somewhere in no mans land. 

This passion-driven personality has over fifty original and self-produced songs as well as twenty music videos. Over the years, DED STARK has amassed a respectable following, having tapped into the mood and aesthetic sub-scenes that populate the underbelly of the Internet. With no manager backing him up, he still manages to make waves, carving a path for himself and gaining the support of fans from all over the world. 

His lifelong obsession with music fuels his pursuits in the industry. The brand Ded Stark has built for himself is an amalgamation of all his past musical endeavors. Banking on his extensive experience as a band member, singer, songwriter, producer, and rapper, he takes a hands-on approach to every step involved in creating songs. Not only does he play the guitar parts and make the beats, but this multi-talented artist is also responsible for writing, recording, editing, and engineering all the vocals himself. 

Ded Stark envisions a humble future for himself, one where he would still be able to make music and showcase his passion for the craft. Moving forward, he plans to release more songs that will become instant additions to people’s playlists and end up as favorites, especially for those who enjoy listening to moody, emotional, inspirational, and introspective music. 

Additionally, he is still set to drop several phenomenal projects, sitting on a couple complete albums, and an ep, and he’s not stopping there. He’s working on even more material now, and  he hopes all of this new music helps him earn more career milestones in the coming years. While he creates and follows his own road toward success, Ded Stark also vows to be a beacon of hope for other industry beginners and aspiring artists who wish to take center stage amidst the adversities that stand in their way. 

Learn more about Ded Stark by visiting his Spotify page and Instagram.