Decorating According to Astrology: An Interview With Cina L.

Design inspired, Cina L started her career on a mission: to make beautiful modern furniture affordable. Since then, it’s been proven that she truly has a knack for design and business. After helping to launch Valyou Furniture, and with her knack in all things social media, she has helped the company more than quadruple in sales in just one year. Virtually all of her designs and pieces become best sellers and constantly sell out. Not only that, but Cina also has a big interest in the zodiac and what that says about people. She believes a person’s sign can truly dictate a person’s personality and interests and that this can also play a part in our homes and the type of furniture they are drawn to as well. With that in mind, she wanted to bring all of her creativity to the forefront with a new campaign highlighting the playfulness and interaction between our zodiac signs and what type of furniture might suit us the best. 

What do you love the most about what you do?

Cina: I really love the creative aspect and being able to design beautiful pieces with great and sustainable materials that then become actual furniture pieces that end up in people’s homes, our most sacred spaces. It is an honor and a responsibility, and I take all of it to heart and strive to always create beautiful products at affordable prices. 

What pieces really sing to you?

Cina: I’ve been really into our light and white-colored pieces such as our feathers sofa, Kingsley and Jasmine bed. I love lighter colors as it brings brightness to any living space while adding a modern and luxurious feel. 

Not one to be limited in scope, however, Cina L’s passion goes beyond home design, and it’s a close relationship with astrology and zodiacs.  

Cina shares, “I get to share everything I love with all of you, which is my passion for life, and bring that into my designs. And now I can also bring my secret zodiac obsession.”

Each astrology sign is unique in its own way, which means the furniture or accessory you add will not always be the same. It’s something worth delving into and exploring, so below we have each astrology sign for you to find yours, and you’ll see that it is paired with a single accessory or piece of furniture. See how your sign matches and discover items that could truly speak to you!

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