David Nicolas Albanese on how he built his business

 David Nicolas Albanese is a real estate agent turned cannabis businessman and he is an expert in business acquisition. He has been creating various opportunities in both the medical and recreational cannabis industry for High Farms, his company. The company helps the growers of cannabis to build their own business and capitalize on the industry.

 High Farms helps the small time cannabis growers to transition into the legal market. The company has been trying to fill the current gaps in the industry, and learning all of the information they need to know to do so. David Albanese has juggled in all businesses possible in order to find his passion. He is now using his knowledge to build businesses for others. Through High Farms, David helps companies to find funding and strategic partnerships in order to grow.

 David Albanese’s leadership has made sure that the company grows massively. The CEO of High Farms Delivery LLC, Eddie Mora, has also mentioned in his statement that David’s support, guidance has helped put everything in place. Eddie Mora says “Without his support to the team it would have been impossible to accomplish what seemed like a dream a few short months ago.” David has helped Mora to transform from medical professional to recreational marketer of the cannabis industry.

 High Farms has grown manifolds under the leadership of David to become one of a kind brand in the market. Currently, it is the largest of its kind company in the CentralCalifornia market. With his real estate business and High Farms company, David Albanese also operates a multi-million dollar construction and maintenance pool company for 14 years. What makes David unique is that he is a real entrepreneur and not just an internet success, he is credible, trustworthy, and honest. One thing that David values is having multiple streams of incomes and expanding his skill sets across various industries.

A few of David Albanese’s biggest accomplishments are being a real estate broker, his wife and 3 kids, his credit repair and bundling business, and his strong business funding. One of the biggest challenges David faced when starting a business was getting the capital to jumpstart his business and taking the leap into entrepreneurship.