Datrice Mulsumo Has a Rags-to-Riches Story That’s Sure to Inspire Future Entrepreneurs

Datrice Mulsumo has a remarkable success story. One that starts with the all-too-familiar struggles of life until he gained some footing and became a successful entrepreneur, all due to his drive and passion for sales. His story begins in his quaint hometown, a small country in West Africa called Liberia. His country is known as the 3rd poorest country in the world, and his family belongs to those that are unfortunate enough to be part of the lower class. 

Fortunately, Datrice Mulsumo was able to eventually migrate to the United States when his parents came and brought him along in 2004. They were looking for better opportunities while making the most of their new situation in America. He lived a normal life in his newfound home in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He grew up just like any other kid, he made friends, and he enjoyed the same liberties as other children his age. Though he eventually realized that just because he was in America, that didn’t necessarily guarantee his overall success.

He entered his first year of college while working on a part-time job. Eventually, Datrice Mulsumo had to drop out during his first year because he didn’t have the motivation to continue his studies. He found it difficult to juggle his job and his schooling, so he quit. During that time, he fell into a deep depression because he felt scared and ashamed that he disappointed his parents.

At the age of 19, Datrice Mulsumo went on a pursuit for greater things and bigger opportunities. He left Minnesota in search of success, yet all he found were more challenges along the way. On his first-ever leap of faith, he ended up becoming homeless, jobless, and broke. He was down in the dumps, in every sense of the word. He was depressed and down on his luck until he found his true calling in sales.

He began his foray into the world of sales when he got a job at a fitness gym. It was a life-changing experience for Datrice Mulsumo, and it’s how he managed to turn his life around, shifting his narrative into the success story he is living today. The initial job taught him all he needed to know about sales and more. It was at that exact moment that he knew that he was going to be partaking in a lifelong career in sales, where his true passion and talent lie.

As he continued down the path of his sales career, he became the manager and won awards every week as the top sales representative in the state. Everything was falling into place, but he still felt that he needed to do more. Datrice Mulsumo eventually realized that he had already reached the ceiling for his job, which was quite low. He wanted to do more and improve consistently.

He met with an online mentor through a course that he invested in, and he couldn’t have made a better decision at the time. This was where he learned how to be a full-fledged entrepreneur. His mentor also gave him various opportunities to close sales for him. 

Datrice Mulsumo quickly became one of the most sought-after sales managers and sales experts in the country. With his aspirations for doing more, he established his own company called the Applied Knowledge Academy. Here, Datrice shows the world his remarkable techniques that have managed to propel him toward success. Through his teachings, he relays information about strategies that will adjust the mindsets of his clients, helping them achieve lasting success.

He has helped multiple businesses make over $100,000 monthly and as high as $2,000,000 monthly. At just 24 years old, he now owns a nice luxury apartment, drives a luxury vehicle, and earns over $1,000,000 per year. 

At Applied Knowledge Academy, they offer a course called “The Paradigm Closer,” which helps clients apply and take action with the abilities that they already possess. The course teaches his clients about what he learned through his five years of struggle without them having to experience all of the troubles.

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