Daniel Kivo and His Valuable Role in the Virtual Assistance Industry

Daniel Kivo
Daniel Kivo

This business genius is stepping up the virtual assistance game by changing custom practices and introducing new digital methods that can unleash every business’s potential. 

Daniel Kivo is the name you should watch out for in today’s digital market scene. He is a 28-year-old Navy-Veteran who offered himself to service for four years in Okinawa, Japan. He lives in the city of Los Angeles, California. As a man of pure potential and capabilities, he got the opportunity of living and working from one country to another.

His impressive educational attainment became a plus factor for Daniel. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Vanguard University. Also, he got the chance to study for his master’s degree at Claremont Graduate University, where he graduated with flying colors. Having this kind of impressive educational background has opened the doors for him for excellent job opportunities. He even attended training and development, which further harnessed his skills and knowledge. Then, he discovered his passion and talent for sales and recruitment. 

Armed with determination, Daniel started his own company. As a digital entrepreneur, he applied the essence of uniqueness to his chosen industry. He even got an office in the Philippines with a complete and competitive team. It is a team of virtual assistance professionals, comprised of managers, recruiters, and Virtual Assistants. 

Daniel’s team boasts virtual assistants with varying expertise. Thanks to the lessons he acquired from getting a master’s degree in training and development, Daniel finds it easy to handpick each VA who would join his team. 

Becoming part of Daniel Kovi’s team requires weekly pieces of training on their own facility. This is to make sure each of his own company VAs is always learning and growing in their field. Daniel got a lot of clients because of this wonderful team behind him. 

The company he owns is called the Hire VA Now. Daniel’s company offers a lot of valuable and trusted services, including Ecommerce, Real Estate, SEO, Content Writing, Executive Assistants, and Social Media Management.

Hire VA Now is a digital company that allows business owners to have fast access to networking freelancers. He created his own website to give out more information for interested people: https://www.hirevanow.com/homepage

Daniel Kivo assists entrepreneurs, real estate, start-ups, small businesses, and restaurants, anyone who needs the services that he and his team are providing. He also uniquely delivers his services. Instead of giving just one VA, he recommends hiring a full team that can cover all the aspects of a business. Daniel understands that most companies are just starting out, so he offers his company’s services at considerable prices. 

Daniel’s primary goal is to help businesses harness the full potential of SEO. When it comes to dealing with clients, he ensures that he can gain their trust by handling the working relationship with grace, commitment, and professionalism. So if you need a helping hand, do not hesitate to call Daniel through this number (657) 216-1876 or email him at info@hirevanow.com.