Daffner and Associates, P.C. Defends Those That Need It the Most

Throughout the toughest legal battles, it’s always a great thing to partner up with a reliable law firm. Fighting the good fight is never easy, and the people deserve only the best of the best to fight alongside them. This is why Daffner & Associates, P.C., has become the premier law firm in Pittsburgh, offering the best legal counsel anyone else has to offer.

Founded by Marc Daffner in 1993, Daffner & Associates, P.C. has worked with state and federal court battles for nearly three decades. Daffner himself has personally handled the most complex legal matters that go through his firm. The firm’s services cover a wide variety of jurisdictions and practice areas, including state and federal criminal defense, firearms matters, and commercial litigation.

The wide variety of cases that they have handled is a testament to the tenure of Daffner & Associates, P.C. The firm has had countless experiences with successfully defending their clients, even in the most notorious and complex circumstances, which makes them the cream of the crop.

There is no one more suitable to lead an outstanding law firm than Attorney Daffner himself. Apart from his law practice, he also serves as an appointed arbitrator in the Civil Division of the Common Pleas. Daffner also serves in the United States District Court and helps in representing children in complex custody matters.

He is currently serving his fourth term as an elected county committeeman and was the chairman of the Civil Service Commission for a six-year term, serving as an administrative judge in police-related disciplinary matters. He has also been a candidate for judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County.

It’s undeniable that getting a good lawyer is expensive and is mostly for those that could easily afford it. However, Daffner & Associates, P.C. has made sure to tailor their services to help those that struggle to make ends meet, and they are well-known for being flexible regarding fees.

Time and time again, the attorneys of Daffner & Associates have proven the firm’s worth. They have become a staple among people and companies who need sophisticated and professional representation without having to break the bank. With Marc Daffner at the helm of the practice, the firm has become a grand success. It’s all thanks to his brilliant approach with his clients, giving them the protection they deserve and the voice to speak up about injustice.

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