Crave Critics to Give Foodies Redefined Dining Experiences Through the Digital Space

Foodies are people who travel across the globe in search of the best food. To have delicious food on the plate and to savor every meal is their ultimate form of pleasure. But what if foodies get to have exclusive access to some of the best restaurants and food spots in the world through NFTs? That is what Crave Media is working on–giving NFTs more practical utilities by allowing foodies to pursue their passion for food through advantages brought by the digital space. The company is launching Crave Critics NFT, a collection set to reinvent exclusive dining experiences. 

Despite the thousands of NFT projects launched across blockchains over the years, the industry is yet to see a collection centered around food. Hence, social media food brand Crave Media and Crave Citics NFT are entering the NFT landscape, partnering with leading restaurant brands to offer exclusive access to food events and celebrations worldwide. In addition, Crave Critics NFT has secured collaborations with food brands and food personalities which will allow them to provide exclusive products and experiences for NFT collectors.

Crave Media founder and CEO Hunter Banks has been in the restaurant and restaurant media industry for over a decade. Although he has traveled far and wide for delicious food, he shared that most dining experiences can be boiled down to the same traditional hospitality principles.

“We are here to connect people to the brands, giving them something way more exciting. What has changed is people’s passion for very good food. Chefs are no longer cooks; they are famous personalities. Food brands are connecting with their audience where people get obsessed with having their food in their everyday lives. But, their experience is public, and restaurants have to do certain things that are functional and can be sold to the masses,” shared Banks. “I wanted to get food or experiences that nobody else could get, like taste testing menu items before they showed up on the menu or learning from chefs how to make a world-famous cake!” 

Most NFTs launched before providing holders with exclusive ownership to a piece of digital art they can use, trade, auction, or sell to their liking. But Crave Media and Crave Critics NFT are setting the bar higher by making NFTs a ticket to restaurants, food events, chef demonstrations and tutorials, influencer gatherings, and more. The NFTs are tickets to the vast world of the food industry.

“NFT collectors are going to have first-class access to the restaurant and personalities we work with. You will become part of their community. It’s like receiving a digital happy meal as a reward,” explained the founder. “Our goal is to offer the value of NFTs and include a tangible, real-life experience that is limited to a small group of people. Imagine receiving free burritos for life from your favorite burrito store, learning from world-class chefs how to make a delicious dish, or getting reservations to a Michelin star restaurant that is impossible to get into. This is an exclusive dining club that only a small group of people can get access to.”

Learn more about Crave Critics NFT on its website and Twitter and join its Discord server for more updates.