Coffee Over Cardio®: Fun & Flavorful Coffee for the Modern Woman

“We all deserve a quality cup of coffee” is the motto that started it all for Coffee Over Cardio®. This company strives to provide flavorful, fun, and reliable energizers for women from all walks of life. Built in December 2017 by the husband and wife team, Mike and Abbey Crowson, the company stands as a strong manufacturer of some of the best coffee blends in today’s market.

Coffee Over Cardio® was built for the modern woman, whether she is studying, working, or raising a family. It began as a creative idea from Abbey Crowson, who explored the possibility of venturing into a coffee company branded, built, and grown by millennial women. Abbey believes that her generation is much more capable than merely setting and conforming to basic trends. The company plays a pivotal role in empowering and lifting other women in terms of self-growth, business growth, and so much more.

Immediately after hearing Abbey’s idea, her husband Mike, an entrepreneur at heart, saw that the idea could be the next big thing in the market. And so, they did the research, designed the bags, and tested coffees from various suppliers around the world. Finally, in 2017 from their little apartment, the duo produced the first four roasts for Coffee Over Cardio®.

Mike and Abbey never imagined that they would experience their immense success today. When Coffee Over Cardio® first launched, they could sell around 30 bags for an entire month. Three years later, carrying over 40 different products, the company supplies over 110,000 orders every month. Their vast growth is because the company pays attention to every little detail in their line of coffees, k-cups, electrolytes, creamers, and even apparel.

Coffee Over Cardio® stands out for many different reasons. Among them is its branding, uniquely designed with “fun colors, patterns, and wild flavor profiles.” On top of unmistakable aesthetics, the bags are carefully manufactured with a one-way air valve that helps keep the product’s freshness for a long time. Being an online community and using the e-commerce landscape as its primary distribution platform also allows the company to deliver the freshest coffee bags, free from the degrading effects of sitting on store shelves.

Mike and Abbey both came from a health and fitness background. For this reason, they have been thinking of ways to incorporate health supplements to the world of coffee. Coffee Over Cardio® carries a unique MCT oil-based creamer that contains nootropics, supplements that increase mental clarity, cognitive function, and focus. The company is also the first to introduce electrolytes in their coffee, giving the same energizing power from sports drinks but without the added sugars. 

Additionally, Coffee Over Cardio® has developed multiple fun flavors to keep customers excited for more. Among them are Saturdaze Chocolate Donut, Messy Bun, Cinnamon Bun, and Birthday Cake. Also, exclusive members get a surprise flavor every month, a feature they recently integrated into their collection for 2020. 

Coffee Over Cardio® aims to maintain its close-knit relationship with customers, despite its growing community of coffee-lovers. The company wants to refrain from being similar to their large, corporate competitors and remain as the welcoming online company that embraces whoever wants to taste quality coffee. 

With its personalized services and innovative products, Coffee Over Cardio® is leaving a memorable experience to its customers with every sip. To this day, the founders are still amazed by where their vision has taken them. Looking back to their trial and error process, their continuous pursuit of delivering nothing but the best, and their determination to empower women, Mike and Abbey attest that the journey was indeed worth it.

To learn more about Coffee Over Cardio®, visit its website.