Coach Mike Souza: A Love Affair With Basketball

Coach Michael “Mike” Souza, born in Staten Island, New York, is currently living in West Palm Beach, Florida, where he has created a career in basketball training. Working with ESPN Top 100 players, Collegiate, and NBA Pro players, he has made a significant stamp on the basketball market.

Coach Mike has always had a strong affinity and patience for helping people figure out and work through their problems. He also has what he has termed “an everlasting love” for basketball; for him, the courts were a home away from home and a place to escape. It would become a defining moment for him when he realized that these two things he was so passionate about could be combined into a career.

Coach Mike has worked with basketball players of all ages and levels. From John Collins of the Atlanta Hawks to Ersan Ilyasova of the Milwaukee Bucks, Scottie Barnes – who is a projected lottery pick of Florida State University – to Jahcobi Neath of Wake Forest University. He has also worked with Alonzo Gee, a longtime NBA player, and Nicky Jam, an icon in the reggaeton industry and a Puerto Rican musician.

With a wealth of experience from being a former High school Coach and a Player Development Coach at the college level – Mike knows what it takes to play at the next level. A significant part of his success is his proven ability to make players’ workouts translate directly into the game. He is known for his ability to study each player and accommodate their needs while building impactful relationships that last beyond the basketball court.

“Seeing players get results after working with me just gave me confidence and fuelled my drive to get better at my craft as a player development coach,” Coach Mike says.

Like most people, Mike felt the impact of the COVID19 pandemic as things slowed down and gyms were forced to close. Basketball is a physical sport, and practically, there is only so much that can be achieved virtually. Nevertheless, he continued giving value whenever possible – on virtual and social media platforms, he regularly shared his knowledge and love for the game, inspiring fans and players alike. By July, he finally returned to the court with his players to resume their training and careers.

Coach Mike is a dedicated trainer with a formidable skill set and extensive study of basketball. He considers it his mission to help others achieve their dreams, conquering what they set out to do—encouraging the development of a strong moral character and the commitment level necessary for his athletes to make it to a championship level of success. Mike understands each athlete’s needs and helps guide them along the path of success. Despite what he has achieved, he does not plan on quitting anytime soon. He sees himself working with players at the highest level during the offseason for years to come – helping anyone dedicated to honing their craft to perfection.

“Although playing professionally was not in the cards for me, my love for the sport has never died. I am beyond confident this is the career I was meant to pursue,” he shares.

He remains a highly sought out Skills Coach in the U.S and a private Player Development Coach for multiple NBA and International Pro players.

Learn more about Mike Souza by visiting his website.