Coach Frank Paul Vignola Shows Men the Path to Self-Mastery & Productive Living

New York Self Mastery Coach Shows Men the Path to a More Meaningful and Productive Life
New York Self Mastery Coach Shows Men the Path to a More Meaningful and Productive Life

 In modern times, a growing number of men struggle with finding self-worth, understanding their identity and living a life that feels meaningful. Either they don’t know which step to take first or they lack the courage to assess their own lives with a scrutinizing eye. This can leave a man feeling paralyzed, unfulfilled and even depressed.

Frank Paul Vignola, a New York certified life coach for men, found himself in a similar situation at a much younger age. During his adolescent years, Vignola battled with low self-esteem, depression and not fitting in with his peer groups.

“I was not a very confident kid,” Vignola said in an interview. “I eventually headed down a self-destructive path of substance abuse and self-mutilation.” When Vignola was in high school, he nearly died from a drug overdose. He was forced to spend the next four years in rehabilitation facilities, institutions and group homes. “I was lost. I felt like I had no direction and nothing to live for.”

Fortunately, Vignola stumbled upon a few great mentors during the last two years of his stint whose guidance helped him turn his life around. “I learned to believe in myself and realized my worth. After that, everything changed,” Vignola said. “I discovered I was a natural leader.”

At 17, Vignola began coaching the other residents at the boys’ home where he was living at the time. This set him on the path toward coaching men in his adult years. 

After being successfully discharged, he went on to study Communication Arts at Pratt Institute, earning his Bachelor’s degree. After an additional ten years of studying human behaviour through various physical and interactive modalities, he deepened his understanding of men today and why they think and feel the way they do. 

Integrating his own experiences of personal hardships into his coaching sessions, many of his clients have claimed they felt more comfortable gaining insight from someone who had overcome struggles similar to their own, unlike other helping professionals they had previously worked with. 

“While my formal training has been incredibly valuable, I’m more inclined to follow my intuition rooted in my own experiences,” Vignola said. He has developed a life coaching program which is specifically designed to help men unlock their confidence and masculinity. 

By the end of the program, these men will be on their way to living a life of fulfillment and happiness. Whether a man needs to overcome some crippling fears or completely rediscover his identity in order to find his sense of purpose in life, Vignola is the kind of coach who works with a furious passion and diligence to make it happen. 

If you’re a man in need of this next-level style of coaching, you can work with Frank directly by contacting him through his website, You can also follow his journey on Instagram @vignolagram