Clean Canz Is Taking A Cleaner And More Eco-Friendly Approach To Taking Out Trash

Clean Canz
Clean Canz

Founded by four teenage best friends who grew up together, Anthony Grutadaurio, Ethan McKay, Cameron Ackerman, and Tyler Blaylock, Clean Canz is changing the way people take out the trash, in a cleaner and more eco-friendly approach.

Growing up, they know for a fact what the struggles of taking out the trash are. After all, they do it every single day. And for anyone who’s had the responsibility of doing so, knows how awful it can be – from the stench to how difficult it is cleaning the bin after.

And so, with the vision to start something that could make other people’s lives better, they decided to do something about it.

These friends then started a business that sells subscriptions to 95-gallon trash bin liners that help with unwanted smells, insect infestations, and bacteria in trash bins. Customers can choose the length of their subscription, or opt for a one-time purchase. With the subscription, people can use one-liner a week, at an affordable price. Customers can also have it delivered straight to their doorstep. 

Blaylock said people choose Clean Canz because it’s simple. They can just place the liner in their trash bin, fold its top edges over the outside of the container’s rim and use a giant rubber band to secure it in place. When the garbage truck arrives to pick up the trash, people simply roll down the rubber band. The liner then becomes disposed of along with the trash it holds. 

What makes Clean Canz a unique experience is unlike any other trash bin liners available in the market, 45 to 55 gallons at the very most, they are the only ones who can supply 95-gallon trash bin liners. Not only that, but all of the trash bin liners are also recyclable, which helps in reducing plastic waste in the world.

Clean Canz has gone a long way since then, and these teenage co-founders have a bright future ahead. From going door-to-door to get the Clean Canz name out, to delivering packages themselves, presenting themselves to interested subscribers, they are out there to prove that in entrepreneurship, age is but a number. 

If there’s anything that sets these young business owners apart from their peers, it’s that they don’t want to be labelled as “the kids who run a business in mommy and daddy’s basement.” Instead, they want to prove themselves as professionals who have a product that can change the world. And, to do that, they have to balance school, work, and running a business – obviously not an easy feat.

The four boys are looking forward to seeing Clean Canz “becoming a household necessity,” and it’s nowhere impossible. In fact, this revolutionary product has since been loved by over 10,000 clients nationwide. For them, once you use Clean Canz, you’ll realize the significant impact a clean and spotless trash bin has on your life.

You can visit if you’d like to help change the world through going for a cleaner and environmentally friendly trash bin liner.