Chris Cole, Top Retail Trader, Launches Financial Education Platform BWO Academy

BWO Academy states, “You can’t argue with the results!”

Know the Co-Founder

Chris Cole, president, co-founder, global entrepreneur from Augusta, Georgia, brought in great influences to many black families by teaching them the art of financial freedom the right way. He is also the owner of twelve other businesses and counting. His extensive financial and trading expertise over the decade has awarded him a lifestyle of wealth and abundance. Today, he is a seven-figure trader and cryptocurrency millionaire with his thirteen years of immense passion and hard work.

In addition to being the first African American listing director of a publicly-traded company, Chris Cole has also been acknowledged as one of the top retail traders in the world by the financial publications Futures and Truth Magazine. His mantra “Business, manhood, and mindset” is something he lives by and inspires others as they learn the lessons from his career to build a family legacy and generational wealth.

Inspiration Moves Ideas to Reality

Chris shares that his dad and uncle were the source of his inspiration since childhood. He shares, “Dad always had stuff laying around about the markets, making him an accurate observer of the market scenarios while uncle was a barber and entrepreneur. The go-getter and hustle nature of my entrepreneurial spirit came from my uncle. He was an example by being relentless and committed to his work. I could say he was a living testimony of what it meant to be committed to the process with no emotional attachment to the work you do along with its outcome. I love the process. I love the work. I love knowing that God chose and gifted me with the ability to work, not just for myself but also for the community.”

Pain doesnʼt always last, and everything can be overcomed. Don’t waste too much time beating yourself up about your past failures and mistakes.

Expertise That Lays Within

Chris holds over 10+ years experience in finance markets. While being a leader in the retail trading industry, he is also a passionate teacher in BWO Academy where he often discusses  topics like legacy building and financial freedom. This super venture was created when Chris along with his team had decided to merge their best intellectual properties together with one mission and change the narrative of the black households, helping them create generational wealth.

The factors that make Chris stand unique among his peers and competitors is the transparency and clarity he has in his actions while results speak for him. He is quite impressive and breathtaking with his level of knowledge sharing. The level of integrity in which he operates can help many financial enthusiasts grow with the right mentorship and guidance.

If you are someone who is into social technology, family banking systems, wealth mindset, structure of power, this is for you! The venture currently has 4,200 plus dedicated members and it is pretty impressive for a recent venture to gain so much trust. Their online real estate program has helped many individuals learn the trade and also earn five to seven figures. One can become a member in BWO Academy through an easy process by logging into the website. If you still want to join, visit their website and register yourself.