CEO Bernard Bonner is Leading the Business Consultancy Field in the USA

Within twenty-five years in the business, CEO of Business Development International Inc, Bernard Bonner has never disappointed a client. Within the first year of working for one, he upgrades their company’s quality by three to five times more. His unique and brilliant skills have made his name the number one go-to for business consultancy in the United States of America.

Bernard’s magic touch helps companies transition from the first phase where the business’s success is entirely dependent on the owner’s presence to the second phase, where the owner’s and the business consultant’s presence isn’t significant in the business’s daily operations and overall success. This process is done through Business Development International Inc.’s objective third party analysis, which assists the business owner in identifying the real issues of his business. The analysis discusses the root of the problems, the reason why those problems persist, and the revenue and net profit loss due to the existing issues.

The report tackles possible solutions for the identified problem, how that can be achieved using available resources, and how much additional revenue and net profits can be attained after addressing the client company’s issues. This analysis helps the client see things in perspective and make rational decisions that are geared toward the improvement of the business. It only takes two to five days for Bernard’s company to come up with this analysis for any company under 200 million dollars in annual revenue or any company that has four hundred employees. 

His company’s consistently outstanding client satisfaction has earned Bernard the distinction of transitioning a company from a small Mom and Pop business in Honolulu, Hawaii, to being the Number One company in its industry nationwide. Businesses in every type, mostly in the field of Construction, Manufacturing, Transportation, and Logistics, to name a few, boast of client satisfaction from his company. Aside from business personalities, Bernard’s resume boasts of working with several A-List celebrities. He has helped them reach higher heights of success in their careers and in the businesses they have dabbled in or are involved in. 

Confidence in his proven skills and his company makes Bernard Bonner possibly the only consultant who gets paid after the job. Business Development International Inc does not require a retainer, and the company’s analysis is 100% money back guaranteed, making the client only obligated to pay when he is completely satisfied with Bernard’s work. 

Bernard believes that America’s success is a direct product of the successes of small to middle-sized business owners. He has dedicated his life with twenty-five years and counting in service to ensure this success. He is determined to see that they far exceed the goals that they have set and that they become a helping hand for those who seek to do the same. 

Bernard Bonner is committed to assist exhausted and overwhelmed business owners who have seriously decided to turn their circumstances around and change everything for the better. Bernard may be reached through his Instagram or Business Development International, Inc’s official website.