Caretonics Has Formulated the Best in Skincare Using the Power of CBD

Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, is a chemical component derived from the hemp plant, which has been found to offer a variety of medical properties. Harnessing the power of CBD, CareTonics is a company that offers skincare must-haves infused with cannabidiol. Made by a CBD advocate, the company aims to help people solve their various skincare problems by creating an organic line that utilizes the healing properties of CBD. 

From its Ultra Eye Cream, Day & Night Moisturizing Cream, Facial Toner, and Facial Cleanser, CareTonics products were formulated with the intent of fully utilizing the multiple benefits the CBD offers. The skincare line utilizes phytocannabinoid-rich hemp that has no harsh chemicals, no pesticides, and no metals, while also being Gluten-Free, Vegan Friendly, and 100% Organically Grown. CareTonics always makes sure that its skincare line utilizes hemp without any harm, with the company constantly delivering the safest, most consistent, and most effective CBD products possible in order to help people solve their skin problems.

CareTonics is the creation of Kendra Theroith, who also serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Theroith, along with her twin sister, was born and raised in Waterloo, Iowa, to a family of five. Kendra and her twin, along with their other siblings (who were incidentally twins as well), were brought up by their mother, who to Kendra, was the epitome of a strong, black woman. Their mother instilled in them the importance of God, family, compassion, dedication, and helping others. Unfortunately, their mother passed away on January 28, 2007, dying of Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer.

Following her mother’s values, Kendra Theroith then went on to pursue a career in helping people through therapy. She went on to get a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Mount Mercy University, and a Masters of Art in Psychology (emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy) from Chapman University. In 2017, Kendra became a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Along with her sister, Kendra runs a mental health agency, Midwest Counseling and Family Services, Inc., located in Los Angeles County, where they provide mental health therapy.

Unfortunately, like her mother, Kendra was also diagnosed with cancer, becoming sick with breast cancer. The thought of dying like her mother scared Kendra, especially knowing she would have to leave not only her sister and family but also the people relying on her as a therapist. She eventually underwent a mastectomy and was able to beat cancer. Kendra then underwent medication for the cancer, which had a variety of side effects, including intense headaches, nausea, hot flashes, and hair thinning. In looking for alternatives, she stumbled upon CBD and read about its many healing properties. She then started using the hemp, and it has brought quite a difference in her life.

Having witnessed the power of CBD, Kendra wanted to share it with the world, and eventually started CareTonics. With the skincare line, she aims to help many more people like her who suffer from many skincare issues by offering a range of essentials that people can use without having reactions. Kendra personally uses them before offering them to anyone else, making sure that she offers only the best products possible.

Much like her mother, Kendra Theroith is compassionate, dedicated, and is aimed to help others. With these values in her, she has created CareTonics, helping more people solve a variety of skincare problems using the power of CBD.

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