Cannerald: The leading innovative Cannabis company in Europe with a unique participation concept!

When we think about Cannabis, there is one thing that comes to mind: It is illegal. However, it is not the cannabis plant itself that is prohibited. It is the active ingredient THC, which most European countries have banned. CBD products and cannabis plants with THC levels below 1%, on the other hand, are sold legally for private use in Switzerland, in Europe it’s mostly below 0.2% THC.  These include CBD oils, cosmetics, and goods such as CBD chocolate.

It is precisely the market in which Cannerald has specialized for several years. The three founders of the team are Sascha Adrian Waeschle, Severin Jem Amweg and Levin Kim Amweg. They established the company in 2017, promoting the vision that society no longer sees Cannabis as a drug. Instead, the company wants to shift the focus onto the benefits of cannabis and CBD products, especially the assets in terms of health. Their goal is to become the largest and most successful exporter of Cannabis in Europe.

It is a more than realistic prospect since Cannabis is gaining increasing acceptance in European society. Many countries such as Portugal, Spain, Israel, the Netherlands, and even parts of the USA, have legalized or at least decriminalized the use of Cannabis containing THC.

Cannerald has its headquarters, plantation, and workforce in Switzerland and adapted everything to the country’s local laws. The plantation with 5000 square meters is only 30 minutes’ drive from the capital Bern. 

You benefit from Cannerald’s success 

Anyone who wishes can be a part of the company’s success. For this purpose, the harvest of each plant is divided fairly between Cannerald and it’s customers. The customers receive 50% of the harvest while the company gets the other 50%, which it uses to pay salaries and cover running costs for the plantation.

Through the website of Cannergrow, which pertains to Cannerald, you can register for free and purchase a cannabis plant. The current net price for one plant is 1020 Euro. Harvesting takes place every two to three months. Incidentally, there is no fixed completion time for the harvest since it is a lifelong process.

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