Cannabis Marketing Firm Partners with Facebook and Google

The trend of legalized cannabis across the country has given birth to many cannabis-based businesses, such as seedleSs.Media. This is the world’s first full-service cannabis marketing firm. Anyone who owns a cannabis business can take full advantage of the marketing tools offered by this firm.

seedleSs.Media has formed partnerships with several notable companies, such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, Instagram, and Yelp, in order to offer the most advanced marketing tools possible to their clients. If a cannabis business owner tried to run their own social media ad campaigns, they could easily end up in violation of the platform’s ad policies regarding the promotion of drugs.

seedleSs.Media stays up to date on the latest terms and conditions of their partners. They can successfully run a cannabis-based advertising campaign for their clients, and the campaign will not get shut down. Facebook and Instagram are the two best examples of this because they have specific requirements for people who run cannabis ads on their respective platforms. seedleSs.Media ensures that their clients are never in violation of any of these policies.

seedleSs.Media can run major ad campaigns on Google, Amazon, and Yelp as well. A cannabis business would surely capture a great percentage of interested internet traffic if they were to set up ad campaigns on all five of these platforms. The best part is that seedleSs.Media manages these campaigns from beginning to end. This allows their clients to focus completely on running their company and dealing with customer service.

Any business that sells marijuana, cannabis, or CBD products will qualify for these ad campaign management services. It doesn’t matter if the business is a physical storefront or an e-commerce business. As long as the business is following its local laws and regulations, then seedleSs.Media can assist that business in its online marketing efforts. Everything is kept legal and ethical.

The objective of these services is to get top search recognition for your website whenever people are searching for cannabis or hemp on Facebook and Instagram. So far, no other advertising agency has been brave enough to take on clients in the cannabis industry. seedleSs.Media hopes to get real brand name recognition for being the first marketing agency to run Facebook ads for CBD and hemp products successfully.

The cannabis industry is growing every day. As more states pass legislation to legalize recreational marijuana, you’re going to find a greater demand for cannabis-based products. The cannabis businesses that establish themselves early on will likely thrive once all 50 states have legalized recreational marijuana. But it takes an effective advertising campaign to ensure that existing cannabis businesses make it to the top of search results on Google and social media.  

Since seedleSs.Media is the first cannabis advertising company, it gives their clients a unique opportunity to gain more traction in this growing industry that is becoming highly competitive. It won’t be long before more advertising agencies try to move into this industry. But since the first of anything is usually the best, seedleSs.Media will surely dominate amongst all cannabis marketing agencies.