Canadian Model Ashley Resch Shares her Top 5 Tips for Success

To start off as a young girl from Canada with big dreams to then landing a dream career as a model and even starting a globally-recognized fitness brand is one impressive story. So meet Ashley Resch, an international model out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and Founder of Reach with Resch. Ashley’s track record of achievements at her age represents the pinnacle of success for an ambitious woman such as her. Although she’s seen a great amount of success it didn’t come easy for her, she had to build her reputation and brand from one client to the next. These are Ashley’s 5 tips for success as a powerhouse female entrepreneur. 

Don’t Give up During Difficult Times 

The toughest part about taking any great endeavor on will always be the difficult moments you’re bound to face along the way. The key to being successful in anything you do is by understanding that rejection, negativity, and donut are all parts of the process of getting to where you want in life. Ashley believes that without the bumps in the road, success wouldn’t feel as great as it does. 

Don’t give up when the going gets tough, always push through” – Ashley Resch 

Keep your Circle Small & Filled with Good People 

There’s an old saying that goes “your network is your net worth” essentially what that means is you will always be a product of your environment so choosing those who you let around you should be treated as an important decision. So to ensure success in life, make sure the type of people you surround yourself with are an actual reflection of the type of person you want to become. This doubles down as a priority when starting a business, quality over quantity. 

Don’t Tell Everyone What You’re Doing 

More often than not you’ll find that the people closest to you are always the first to shoot your ideas down. So Ashley urges the importance of moving in silence and taking yourself to the next level privately. Although sharing your goals and expressing yourself to others is great, it can be counterproductive. The benefit of keeping your goals to yourself is building the confidence and trust in yourself when it comes to anything you want to accomplish. 

Set Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Goals 

Ashley’s hectic schedule is no stranger to planning around the accomplishment of her goals, as a successful business owner, Ashley’s implementation of periodically measurable goals has taken her business to the next level. She believes for someone who is trying to accomplish what seems to be impossible, it’s important to constantly move forward. This is where having goals to strive for are an important part of the equation to achieving success. 

Get Inspiration and Stop Comparing Yourself 

In a world filled with constant comparison from social media profiles, the most crucial lesson you can learn early on is to stop comparing yourself. By comparing yourself to others you’re wasting useful energy that could have been funneled into your own goals. As a rule of thumb, Ashley recommends to only find inspiration when it comes to seeing where others are, and use that inspiration for your vision.