Building a House to Build a Family: Bill Ellison Gets It Done

When someone talks about buying a house, your initial reaction would be to think of how costly it can be. The words “affordable” and “house” don’t seem to add up, right? But the thing is, getting a house doesn’t always have to be expensive. And as surreal as this may sound, it is actually possible. 

Bill Ellison was raised in poverty with the desire to do better so that his family won’t go through the same ordeal he did. During his childhood, he lived on welfare and had to literally stand in line at the church for free powdered milk, bread, and cheese. In his teens, he got sent to foster care due to the physical abuse he endured from his stepfather. He ran away from the foster facility and had to spend a night in county jail. A day after, his mother got him out and took him home. 

Growing up, he started to emotionally detach himself from his family, but he did not let this stop him from hustling for a brighter life. And so when he was in his senior year, he worked at IBM under a co-op program and continued to do so even after he graduated. By the age of twenty, he already had two children. The meager wage he was earning back then couldn’t sustain his growing family. He knew he had to work twice as hard. And so later on, he got hired by an environmental company where he would be setting up computer systems all over the United States of America. The nature of his job required him to travel a lot, but Bill didn’t mind the exhaustion. He held true to his promise that he wasn’t going to let his family experience the same turmoil he had to go through as he was growing up. 

Years later, all of Bill’s efforts and struggles were finally given the recognition they deserved. He got commended for doing such an outstanding job and was praised for his remarkable conversation skills. Blown away by how good Bill was with talking to people, his boss introduced him to the president of a home building company. This marked the beginning of his journey to the world of real estate. 

The start of his real estate career was a start for a lot of things for Bill. Selling new homes, he won several sales awards and eventually landed on a six-figure income. To say that he excelled in the industry would be an understatement – he dominated it. After spending years in sales, it dawned on Bill that he was ready to venture into the construction industry. He then took a job building new homes for a small builder company. 

He first learned the basics, and from there, he took everything that he knew about real estate and started his first construction company. Building houses resonated with Bill a lot. It reminded him of his lifelong dream of building a comfortable life for his family. The process started out as a tough one. But looking back, he has no regrets. 

By 2016, Bill founded ASGi Homes with a mission to build affordable houses for people who can only afford a $100,000 home instead of the usual range of $200,000 to $250,000. The hundred-thousand-dollar price was fixed primarily for first-time homebuyers and investors. This is a platform for those who dream of owning a house but deem it impossible because it takes putting up a lot of money. 

So if you think that your dream house will never get to see the light of day, think again. Let ASGi Homes build it for you. To know more about Bill Ellison and his company, head on their website and Instagram accounts.